What is a narcissistic breakdown?

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The term ‘narcissist’ gets used a lot To describe anyone is selfish, but narcissistic personality disorder is a real diagnosis that can be very dangerous. While we tend to portray narcissists as evil when we talk about them, it is important to remember that someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder has a psychological condition, They may face difficulties as a result. For example, a person with narcissistic personality disorder may experience a “narcissistic meltdown.”

What is a narcissistic breakdown?

as such Dr. Eleanor Greenberg explained in Psychology Today Piece earlier this yearOne of the major misconceptions about narcissists is that they have high self-esteem and never test themselves. Doubt. In fact, a person with NPD has a distinctly unstable self-esteem –That’s why they rely on other people’s validation.

When anticipating some kind of general failure, a person with NPD can experience what is known as a narcissistic meltdown caused by their anxiety. Revealing that you are a flawed person (as we all are) is devastating to someone with this disorder and can lead them to plunge into a depression caused by shame. Their fear of future exposure affects their ability to function in the present.

Someone with NPD uses the facade of greatness as a form of defense. Dr.. Maggie Vaughan happy apple Psychotherapy said in New York City that when this defense mechanism ceases to function, a person is forced to “confront the profound shame and worthlessness that drives his or her situation.” This results in a “low” that destroys their ability to support pretending to be extraordinary. As examples of what can lead to a breakdown, she cited job losses or social rejection, but added that these likely happen in a cascade, because a single blow is “seldom enough.” To break through the narcissists’ defenses.”

What are the signs of a narcissistic breakdown?

According to a team of experts in PsychologicalCenterAnd the A person experiencing a narcissistic breakdown can show a few different signs:

  • retaliatory behavior
  • withdraw from others
  • depression

Vaughan explained that because a narcissistic breakdown shakes up a person’s identity and affects what drives them, they will typically feel “empty and directionless” because they don’t see the potential for others’ admiration: “It’s not uncommon for people with narcissistic personality disorder to feel deeply depressed, lonely, and depressed.” , and even the desire to commit suicide when experiencing a narcissistic breakdown.”

These symptoms, although severe and dangerous, are usually temporary. If you have NPD, get to know someone who has it, or You suspect that someone in your life is doing thisWatch closely the above signals to predict a narcissistic breakdown. Greenberg also referred to the possibility of becoming suicidal in her article, noting that a person experiencing a narcissistic breakdown can see death as a better alternative to being “exposed” in public.

In addition to the fear of being “revealed” as a flawed person, an individual with NPD may also enter a state of narcissistic rage because they are not getting the external validation they think they should be. This is stressful for people with the disorder, leading to narcissistic anger and possibly a breakdown.

There is help available, but it can be difficult for someone with NPD to seek it out because, Vaughan noted, people with NPD can resist treatment and honestly admit their flaws that come with it. “The most important thing is that they form a bond of trust with a therapist who can normalize the fears and needs of that narcissist,” she added. She said that the most healing element in treating a person with NPD is actually the relationship with their caregiver because it gives them space to feel accepted — even with their imperfections. This can help them form better relationships with others as well.

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