The scarlet and violet Pokemon rumor claims that the popular feature will not return

According to a new rumor when pokemon scarlet and violet Later this year across the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, and Nintendo Switch Lite, they will do so without a popular feature introduced by the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Pokemon He hasn’t changed much since he debuted in 1996 via Pokemon Red and Green. That said, when Pokemon Legends: Arceus Released earlier this year, the formula may have improved significantly. While doing so, he removed or changed many of the features and mechanisms that are classics of the series. For example, he removed the automatic evolution, which pleased many Pokemon fans. Instead of forcing players to spam ‘B’ after each level when a Pokémon is ready to evolve, it gave players an agency at a time. Pokemon develop. pokemon scarlet and violet Back to back, or apparently, a pair of games.

None of this comes from official channels – hence the use of “apparently” – but from a series of leaks I’ve reported Centro Lakes. And if any of this sounds familiar, it’s because it was originally reported by these leaks that the opposite is true. In other words, scarlet and violet It was similar to Pokemon Legends: Arceus In this regard.

It remains to be seen if any of this is true, but in the meantime, many fans are not happy with this feature Pokemon Legends: Arceus It is not carried over.

“Oh my God. Emma added this to my list of reasons why I shouldn’t buy a 9th generation game,” Says a fan of the news. “Why remove it? It saves people they want to play with from spamming the B up button on every level up all the time without the need for a permanent item where a better item can be kept!”

pokemon scarlet and violet They’re slated to release worldwide on November 18 – priced at $60 – via the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED. Below, you can read more about a pair of Switch-exclusive benefits:

“The latest chapters of the Pokémon series, Pokémon Scarlett and Pokémon Violet games, are coming to the Nintendo Switch system later this year,” reads an official teaser for the game. “As the main character, you can explore a wide open world at your own pace, and you can face the legendary Pokemon Corydon in Pokemon Scarlet and Miraidon in Pokemon Violet. In these games, you will be able to enjoy the famous adventures of the Pokemon series, such as fighting against wild Pokemon and trying to catch Choose either the Sprigatito, Grass Cat Pokemon, Fuecoco, Fire Croc Pokemon or Quaxly, Duckling Pokemon to be your first Pokemon partner before setting out on your journey through this new region.”

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