iOS 16 passkeys show how the future without a password will work

One of the most interesting features of iOS 16 is Passkeys. This function wants to kill the password because users will only need to authenticate the login with their face or fingerprint. Although Passkeys won’t launch with iOS 16 later next month, Apple has given hands-on practice on this passwordless future in a new interview.

Here’s how Passkeys works with iOS 16, as I mentioned earlier 9to5Mac:

For users, logging in with a passkey will work much like logging in with iCloud Keychain and Face ID or Touch ID. Just choose the credentials, authenticate with biometrics, and that’s it. However, while iCloud Keychain automatically fills in the username and password in plain text fields, the passkey goes well beyond that.

The system generates a unique key that can only be accessed by user authentication via Face ID or Touch ID. This prevents malicious websites from trying to steal your passwords as the passkeys are stored securely in iCloud Keychain and are not visible to the user.

In an interview with Tom’s guideAnd Apple’s senior director of platform product marketing, Kurt Night, and VP of Internet Technologies Darren Adler explained how passkeys can make passwords truly out of date.

For the Apple VP, passwords can be a mixed bag because they are “the key to protecting everything we do online,” but they are also “one of the biggest attack vectors and vulnerabilities that users face today.”

With Passkeys for iOS 16, Apple claims that it might be able to fix this problem.

“Verification of Face ID and Touch ID gives you the convenience and biometrics we can achieve with an iPhone. You don’t have to buy another device, but you also don’t have to learn a new habit,” said Darren Adler.

One of the reasons users are skeptical is the cross-platform experience, given what a user should do when you need to sign in to a set-top box that is not an Apple TV or even when on a Windows/Android device? Here’s how Apple plans to solve it:

Knight said that experimenting with the platforms is very easy. “Let’s say you are someone with an iPhone, but you want to go and sign in on a windows device. You will be able to get a QR code which you will then scan with your iPhone and then you will be able to use Face ID or Touch ID on your phone.”

Tom’s guide He says Apple is currently working with developers to integrate Passkeys support into their apps, although the company can share which apps will be available at launch. You can take a look at the full interview here, as well as some exclusive photos of Passkeys in action here.

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