Wilson Contreras Trading Analysis

CHICAGO – Nobody has captured more Kyle Hendrix’s career than Wilson Contreras. For seven years, they have formed a strong bond with the Cubs, adding another layer to the growing possibility that the catcher will be dealt before Tuesday’s trade deadline.
“What he did for myself, I can’t even describe in words,” Hendrix said last weekend. “How well we know each other now, there’s such an unspoken language. We can only look at each other now. So it’s just something special I’ve never had with any other player in my career. He’s definitely one of my favorite teammates ever.” ”
With the 5 p.m. deadline looming, and the Cubs continuing to field calls and scenario packs involving Contreras, here’s a look at three positive trends and three negative developments surrounding the high-energy All-Star Hunter in Chicago.
1. Contreras offense in the catcher
One of Contreras’ biggest selling points is the fact that his offensive profile looks especially good compared to his peers on the site. And while its hardest hit numbers have slipped over the past few weeks, Contreras is still heading into Monday in the 89th percentile in hard hit rate (47.2 percent) and 98 percent in top exit speed (116.2 mph), according to Statcast. He has 14 homers, 132 wRC+ (32 percent above the MLB average with a 0.818 OPS.
“Wilson was the Wilson that everyone kind of expected,” said Ian Gomez, Cubs reserve catcher. “It’s an all-star enduring.”
2. Clarity should provide an emotional boost
Contreras wears his emotions up his sleeve and this includes bringing the kind of intensity that can rally his teammates and, in turn, under the skin of opposing teams. Given the ups and downs of the past few months full of distraction, Contreras might feel a real sense of relief when the deadline is up and can pump his energy into the post-season run.
“You’re sure to lose a guy like Wilson,” said Marcus Strowman, Cubs player. “[He’s] The guy who comes every day and competes for the absolute maximum. It’s hard to find.”
3. Contreras embraced mentorship
In the past years, Contreras was often seen as a source of energy thanks to its leadership, competitive activism and work ethic. This season, after deals that sent former key stars to new clubs, Contreras has tried to advance behind the scenes as a more vocal leader, as well as a mentor to Chicago’s younger players. This is another positive for inquiry teams to consider.
1. Contreras has fallen lately
As much as Contreras has put his focus through all the outside noise this year, there’s no doubt that the past month has bounced back on him. Look no further than his aggressive production, which has faded with increased commercial rumors and emotional moments. His season OPS was 0.949 on June 14 (highest point from May to July). It rolled out the .638 OPS in the next 34 games, including a .149/.259/.230 slash in July.
“I think, mentally, he’s wondering what’s going on, and I don’t blame him,” Ross said. “I mean, we’ve seen that. He’s an emotional player in a wonderful way. We’ve seen a lot of things that are important to him and he’s had to deal with it. I think that would affect anyone.”
2. There are questions about Contreras’ defense
Contreras has come a long way since the onset of professional criticism over his framing. He has worked towards becoming a plus maker in 2020, but has seen a drop in performance over the past couple of years. While Statcast credits him with this year’s Framing Run, the Fangraphs (-3.5) and Baseball Bulletin (-2.5) made him below average. It’s roughly close to the league average in terms of blocking and arm metrics. With DH available in both leagues, teams can better facilitate Contreras with their staff.
“Having a lot of new guys in the last couple of years, maybe it’s helpful,” Contreras said of the prospect of needing to learn new staff on the go. “I hope this continues to help me throughout my career. I care, man. I care. I care so much about my shooter. I care so much about calling the game. I care so much about making the team better.”
3. Contreras is likely just for rent
As much as Contreras can help a competitive team in the long run, the truth is that the catcher is ready for free agency. During spring training, Contreras described entering the open market as a “dream come true” for him. So, as teams weigh what kind of trade package the Cubs are looking for, they should also take into account the fact that the All-Star team is likely to head elsewhere in the off-season.

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