What does the Packers menu bubble look like a week after boot camp starts

Technically, most of the players on the Green Bay Packers roster are in the roster bubble, when you consider that the 90-player roster will be reduced to 53 by week one. , regarding the menu, to be difficult.

For this reason, Acme Packing decided to do a team temperature check the day before they are set to train with full pads for the first time this summer. We’ll take you through offense and defense, and explain who actually has a seat at the table and who’s fighting for a 53-man spot this month.

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We don’t know how many players the Packers plan to keep offensively, but it’s usually within a roster of 25 players, half the roster once the kicker, stalker, and long snapper are counted. With the first five drills, the following 21 players either worked with “those” offensively, earned first series reps with a special teams unit or worked as returners:

“Ones” (and a special team)

  • QB: Aaron Rodgers
  • Right-back: Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon
  • WR: Allen Lazard, Sammy Watkins, Randall Cobb, Romeo Doubs, Juwann Winfree, Amari Rodgers, Danny Davis
  • TE: Marcedes Lewis, Tyler Davis, Josiah Deguara, Dominique Dafney
  • OL: Josh Nijman, John Runyan Jr., Josh Myers, Jake Hanson, Royce Newman, Cole Van Lanen, Zack Tom

Other than these 21 players, six other players have been injured on the offensive side of the ball and should be considered on the list (at least), when they get healthy: RB Kylin Hill (PUP, knee), WR Christian Watson (PUP, knee), WR Malik Taylor (shoulder), TE Robert Tonyan (PUP, knee), OT David Bakhtiari (PUP, knee) and OL Elgton Jenkins (PUP, knee). Others, QB Jordan Love, RB Patrick Taylor, WR Samori Toure and OL Sean Rhyan are also nominees to join the roster, though no “those” cast are to be cast.

First, let’s find out how many “menu locks” there are in the offense. We’ll define roster locks as the players who will be as surprising as they are today, August 1st. These players are either returning shareholders in 2021, expected shareholders in 2022, or opting for a high draft.

Menu locks

  • QB: Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love
  • Right-back: Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, Keelen Hill
  • WR: Allen Lazard, Sammy Watkins, Randall Cope, Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs
  • TE: Marcedes Lewis, Robert Tonyan, Tyler Davis and Josiah Deguara
  • OL: David Bakhtiari, Elgton Jenkins, Yosh Nijman, Jon Runyan Jr. Josh Myers, Jake Hanson, Royce Newman, Zach Tom and Sean Rhyan

The players above, if healthy, will take 23 of the expected 25 points on the offensive side of the ball. With that being said, the serious nature of the injuries to Hill, Tonian, Bakhtiari and Jenkins could open up four additional places on the roster in Week 1 for Packers players. With that in mind, here is the list of the following “roster bubble” players who could fill the last two to six open points in the Green Bay offensive this year:

menu bubble

  • RB: Patrick Taylor
  • WR: Joan Winfrey, Malik Taylor, Amary Rodgers, Danny Davis, Samori Toure
  • TE: Dominic Daphne
  • OL: Cole Van Lanen

Taylor was a late-season contributor to the Packers last season after Hill was injured, and the RB3 is expected if Hill starts the year on a physically incapable roster. No other appearance has made in Hill’s absence, even before the defenders have donned their shoulder pads on the field.

Winfree sees time to play with “those,” as opposed to Rodgers’ pick in the third round of sophomore year. Taylor is currently suffering from an injury but has played important actors on the team’s special teams in the past. Rodgers and Davis are both presented as exclusive returnees with “These,” while Tori is a seventh-round rookie who hasn’t broken the lineup anywhere yet.

Dafney was slowly passed over on the depth chart by Deguara and Davis last season, but he may remain on the team as a special team playing TE4 until Tonian returns from an ACL tear. Van Lanen sees some shots in proper handling of “those,” but he’s behind at least seven linemen in the flick order, when they’re healthy, and will battle the mid-round rookies (Tom and Ryan) to stay in the team. Van Lanen’s case seems to stop exclusively as a tenth lineman who can give the team depth as the right remedy.


Along the same lines, here are the defenders who have played with “those” in defense or work with the main special teams units in drills:

“Ones” (and a special team)

  • DL: Kenny Clark, Dean Lowry, Jarran Reed, TJ Slaton, Devonte Wyatt
  • OLB: Rashan Gary, Preston Smith, La Darius Hamilton, Tiba Ghaly and Kingsley Ingbari
  • ILB: De’Vondre Campbell, Quay Walker, Ray Wilborn, Isaiah McDuffie, Krys Barnes
  • Center backs: Jair Alexander, Eric Stokes, Messenger Douglas, Shemar Jean Charles, Rico Gaford
  • SAF: Adrian Amos, Darnell Savage, Sean Davis, Vernon Scott, Dalene Levitt and Tariq Carpenter

Notable players missing from this list include injured CB Keisean Nixon (NFI, groin), recently returned OLB Randy Ramsey, veteran ILB Special Team player Ty Summers and young defensive line Jonathan Ford and Jack Heflin. These players form a group of 31 defenders battling for 25 positions on the roster and have yet to see a major hit on their side of the ball.

Although there are fewer hits on the defensive side, I also think there are fewer real locks on the roll, which makes the defensive list points more willing to grab. Here is a list of players I think would be annoyed not to make up the squad at this point:

Menu locks

  • DL: Kenny Clark, Dean Lowry, Jarran Reed, TJ Slaton, Devonte Wyatt
  • OLB: Rashan Gary and Preston Smith
  • ILB: De’Vondre Campbell and Quay Walker
  • CB: Jaire Alexander, Eric Stokes, Rasul Douglas, Keisean Nixon, Shemar Jean-Charles
  • Sudan Armed Forces: Adrian Amos and Darnell Savage

With those 16 players in mind, here are the 15 remaining players battling for nine points on the roster through week one:

menu bubble

  • DL: Jack Heflin, Jonathan Ford
  • OLB: La’Darius Hamilton, Tipa Galeai, Randy Ramsey, Kingsley Enagbare
  • ILB: Ray Wilborn, Isaiah McDuffie, Krys Barnes, Ty Summers
  • CB: Rico Gaford
  • SAF: Shawn Davis, Vernon Scott, Dalene Levitt, Tariq Carpenter

On the defensive line, Heflin essentially earned a “red shirt” last season, earning a spot as a Gameday inactive player on the 53-man roster. But this off season, the team drafted Wyatt (first round) and Ford (7th round) while adding Reed in the free agency, making it difficult for him to do the same in 2022. At the outside full-back, Hamilton and Galley see the majority of their shots with “those ‘, where Enagbare spent little time this summer. Ramsey has just returned from an ankle injury at the end of the season and is a wildcard in the position, with staff highly appreciative of what he did on special teams in 2020.

At home full-back, Wellborn and McDuffie witnessed shots with “Those” while Barnes was mostly playing with other players in 2021. All three were marked on special teams, with Summers missing. Over the past three years, few players at the league level have played more special teams shots than Summers, who is set to play in the final year of his rookie contract. Between Campbell, Walker, Wilborn, McDuffie and Barnes who are ahead of Summers on the quarterback depth chart, not including potential special teams for rookie hybrid Carpenter, it looks like Summers may not make the team.

Gafford once again moved into the back corner after playing some wide receivers on a professional level. When Nixon was healthy, he took the CB4 reps, who were then replaced by Jean Charles when Nixon sustained a hip injury. However, Gafford saw the footage as a return, a position he played for TE Coordinator Rich Bisaccia with the Raiders, and appears to be moving up the corner depth chart to get some reps with the freshmen. In safety, the group of Davis, Scott, Levitt and Carpenter, who might play more quarterback than defend safety, look like a backup and special team. Davis appears to have the most security looks while Leavitt, who played for Bisaccia in Las Vegas last year, appears to have an edge in the “teams”.

When you look at the list in its entirety, it can seem difficult to determine who is actually on the list of candidates or not. When you look at the first-team trends that the Packers have dominated over the past week, it seems relatively clear that about 23 players are battling for 11 to 15 spots on the roster, depending on injuries, right now.

Obviously, things can change. No one predicted Heflin would top the 53-man roster on August 1 of last season. A pre-season movie will be important in these races, but it’s worth keeping your finger on the pulse of these training camp battles to see the baseline for how the team will form in 2022.

If you’d like to read our practice summaries, which pull information from various sources in Packers media, here’s a link to the writes that served as source documents for the things in this article.

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