Tri Lance finds it difficult in the red zone against the 49-man defense

Santa Clara – Quarterback Tree Lanes and Attacking 49 players had their first look at facing the team’s formidable defense in the red zone.

The windows were tighter and soon closed.

Lance had a hard time finding anyone open, forcing him to show some sports that led the organization to pick him with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

“It was my first day in the pads and we were able to see the full impact of everything he can do,” 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw said of Lance.

“You really have to be on your details with the defense. Everyone has to be on the same page because all it takes is one man to make a mistake and he is more than athletic and fast enough to make the defenses push.”

During the practice period, Lance took off running five times and was going to score two goals with his legs.

He completed five of 11 pass attempts with 8 and 4-yard touchdown throws to wide receiver Brandon Ayuk and tight end George Kettle, respectively.

Lance threw an interception for the fourth consecutive day of training. The defensive end Kimoko Toray pressed Lance out of his pocket. Cornerback Charvarius Ward, outstanding in the first five drills of training camp, exited with a pass dedicated to linebacker Kyle Juszczyk near the right front pylon of the end zone.

Veteran veteran Trent Williams noted that Lance was preparing well for the regular season during his first summer as the quarterback in the 49ers. Lance is taking charge of veteran Jimmy Garoppolo, who is still on their 90-man squad as the club tries to replace him.

Williams said it is clear during the study of the film that Lance often has few options in passing play in the way that the team’s defense plays on all three levels.

“That’s what really gives me the most confidence watching him versus a very fast, very intense, very smart and knowledgeable defense,” said Williams. “This is a tough outing for a midfielder.

“They don’t give him anything easy. So anything you see, he’s working for him. He’s made some adjustments and put himself in the right position. Going against a defense like that is the greatest tool he can use.”

Lance’s best game of the day came after he intercepted when he fired a pass from 35 yards down the field for Aiock, who managed to catch him against tight coverage from Cornerback Emmanuel Moseley.

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Ayook and Keitel were Lance’s favorite targets during five days of training camp.

Wide receiver All-Pro Deebo Samuel stepped onto the field for the first time this summer after signing a contract extension until the 2025 season. Samuel got two short passes from No. 2 quarterback Nate Sudfeld during an 11v11 drill.

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