Tiger fan favorite Alex Towal highlights absence of concussion, World Cup plans, and first elusive NFL attempt

Alex Towal, backed by the Wests Tigers, will remain for the remainder of the NRL season, after two concussions in three games in June.

The 26-year-old failed at Hamad International Airport in their Round 11 match against Canterbury, before a nasty header in Round 16 against the same team left him out for the rest of 2022.

With awareness surrounding a concussion and the retirements of Boyd Cordner and Jake Friend, the club has opted for caution regarding Towal, despite having nine games left in the year after his latest injury.

talking on Sen Breakfast with Fossey and Brandy, Twal spoke about the circumstances surrounding the club’s decision and revealed that he had no lingering problems from his concussion.

“Obviously it’s been a while now and I feel pretty good to be honest,” he said.

“I walked off the field and was too good to go. I was so confused, I wanted to get back on the field.

“In terms of the long-term stuff, I haven’t really (have any symptoms) and to be honest I just played 100The tenth game and I would never go for an HIA. I’ve only played in the last three games I’ve played, two of which have had a head injury assessment.

“It was unlucky. I fainted there for a minute or two, but then I went into the huts and there was a little disorientation. Half an hour later, I felt really sweet and to be honest, it was probably the best I felt after the match – it lasted a minute Just.

“It was a mutual decision between the club and the medical staff. The situation we are in at the moment and also going forward, I re-signed with the club for two years.

“The club and the medical staff thought it was in my best interest to take the next eight weeks or whatever was off, come back and focus on 2023.

“I’m very grateful to the club for doing that, in the sense that you hear about a lot of players being paid to play under certain circumstances and otherwise not.”

Towal is averaging over 100 meters per game in 13 games this season, working an incredible 99.3 percent in tackles without the ball in hand.

The top rower was also in line to represent Lebanon at the Rugby League World Cup, and while he has not been officially ruled out yet, he is unlikely to appear as the Tigers are taking every precaution to ensure his long-term future.

“I haven’t been ruled out, but at the same time I have to respect my team first and foremost,” he said.

“2023 looks like a big year for the Tigers with Tim Shains, Benji (Marshall) and Robbie (Farah) coming in.

“A lot of my focus is on making sure I do my best for the club and maybe that’s a conversation I’ll have with Shinsei at the end of the year.

“I can’t really give an answer at the moment – it would be sitting with me and Shinsei.”

Twal has been a consistent performer and has become a fan favorite among Tigers fans since his debut in 2017.

But the one thing he’s hinted at during his 102 top-tier games is trying, with the still-unsurpassed pillar of a four-pointer.

“I guess that’s kind of all I remember (after the head-banging) — I scored,” he said.

“I had some dreams about scoring the try.

“I was watching a couple of weeks ago and Blake Lowry had his first try, so I thought my time wasn’t too far off.

“I will wait until 2023.”

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