Things are going from bad to worse after a doctor notices a man “full” of monkeypox on a crowded subway

A Spanish doctor was riding the metro in Madrid when he noticed a disturbing sight – one passenger was “completely infested” with monkeypox lesions, “from head to toe, including his hands”. What happened next was equally disturbing.

Dr. Arturo M. Henrique posted the story in a series of tweets, which have since been translated and spread widely.

“I see the situation and I see the people around me as if nothing will happen,” he wrote.

The doctor decided to “become Karen” (his words, not ours) and approached the man, who said his doctor had advised him that he did not need to be isolated, and that he simply wore a mask.

“I told him the injuries all over his body were the most contagious,” Henrix said. “I am a doctor and he may not have understood all the indications of his family doctor…”

According to the World Health Organization, “monkeypox is transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person,” primarily through “close contact with pests.”

The man got rid of Henrik, so the doctor turned to the other passengers closest to him. Ask a woman seated next to the affected man if she is not worried that she is getting sick.

“How am I going [get] If I’m not gay? She answered.

“The government said that gays should take care of themselves,” the woman explained.

The doctor emphasized this part of the story with a couple of well-placed palm face emojis, and said he decided to stop arguing and immediately got off the train.

After his initial publications gained traction, Henrichs says a local news station gave him an interview. His 15-minute interview was cut short to an 8-second segment.

While the current outbreak of the virus is concentrated among gay and bisexual men, the fact that anyone who is straight thinks they are immune has something to do with the stigma surrounding the way they speak.

Closer to home, conservatives like Marjorie Taylor Green added to the confusion by blaming the whole situation on “homosexual orgy”.

Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson suggested calling it Schlong Covid instead of monkeypox. Very useful, tuck.

Although the medical community asserts that monkeypox is Not Gay disease, which is Not STIs, stigma, and misinformation seem to spread as quickly as the virus itself.

“It is already spreading outside the LGBTQ+ community or the broader LGBTQ+ community. So, for these reasons, it is very important that we learn from our past and history,” Colin Quinn, president of communities at Included Health, recently told Newsweek. “I already said we got what we learned in the game guide from HIV/AIDS, the lack of basic messages that happened there that caused a lot of stigma… [We need] Let’s really learn from that.”

New York, California and Illinois have declared states of emergency due to the spread of the virus.

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