The 15-minute Gotham Knights gameplay shows more than just a loot mill

Batgirl standing next to the clock tower in Gotham Knights.

screenshot: WB . Games

What happens if you want to make a game about Gotham City but can’t focus on Batman? easy! You can take advantage of the bench. Warner Bros. revealed. About the opening chapter of Gotham Knightsaction game around DC heroes who it’s not Crusader-headed.

Gotham KnightsAnd the First announced in 2020under development at WB Games Montreal, best known for the action game of 2013 The Origins of the Batman “Arkm”. It was WB Games previously Share a 13 minute gameplay clip B-list DC antiheroes features Nightwing and Red Hood. (Gotham Knights Repeat stars Jason Todd.) The latest clip, which shows about 15 minutes of gameplay from the introductory chapter, focuses solely on Batgirl. Across IGNHere is the section:

IGN / WB Games Montreal

IGN WB Games notes that specific plot details are kept confidential, but the four playable characters – Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing and Robin – are clearly reeling from batman death. The opening mission focuses on Batgirl’s planning to infiltrate a facility, continuing to trace a case where Batman hasn’t quite finished before his death.

Previous shots of Gotham Knights Raised a game that was heavy on collecting gear and Mobility ‘Biggest A version of Gotham CityStimulate Worrying that it will just be another open world loot. But the basic gameplay on offer today, which doesn’t explore those aspects of the game, actually looks pretty sick. Who knows: this might be another open world game with a killer campaign filled with plenty of side-quest fluff.

There is a grappling hook (hell yeah). Batgirl hires some the witcher– “Achieve”, meaning that you press a button to automatically illuminate the path of the footprints showing you exactly where you want to go. Fighting against cannon fodder looks heavy and cool. As with nearly 90 percent of all gameplay previews, the clip ends with a fight against a petite boss. with shield. And some glaring signs of sociopathy.

It was all very luxuriously presented, even though the Graphical Fidelity arms race was quickly approaching the point of diminishing returns. However, for those interested in the behind-the-scenes development memoir, here’s a brief snippet showing the motion-capture work that went into the game:

Gotham Knights He had a bit of a rocky road to release. It was initially planned to launch in 2021 across console generations. Last March, the WB Games postponed it until 2022. Last May, WB Games has canceled the last generation releases. in the same month, Developers sent backlash To include the Batgirl autobiography that relied heavily on metaphors (it has since been rewritten). Gotham Knights It is slated to release on October 25 for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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