Scientists warn of a mass extinction on the way

By James Brizuela | published

Scientists can often give the world some of their best breakthroughs. However, they can also be responsible for scaring the public in the same way. A new study has been conducted with results that seem far worse than the imminent death of an asteroid hitting the planet. According to the findings of a climate scientist at Tohoku University named Kunio Kayo, the planet will experience a mass extinction event that occurred in a few hundred new years.

The significance of these findings is that the planet has experienced mass extinction events before, however, evolution was able to catch up on the time it took for those events to occur. The largest event occurred over 60 thousand years, giving plants and animals time to adapt to the changes. However, this new event will happen so quickly that no species has much time to evolve in a way that defends itself from rampant changes in temperature. The world has already gone through climate change issues, with certain regions around the world suffering from rising heat waves that have been harmful. Europe, for example, was hit by record heat waves. This heat has caused many people to die due to the rise in temperature, along with the spread of wildfires further.

Part of the issue of climate change is that the topic has become a taboo for political figures in most elections. Former President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement in 2020. However, shortly after President Biden was elected to office, the United States again signed the agreement. The Paris Agreement is an agreement signed by many countries in the world that agree to combat climate change, mostly due to carbon dioxide emissions. Although there is a structure in place to try to fight the issues that are causing an outbreak of climate change, the platform is used in every presidential election, making it almost sound like a joke. Climate change is real, and now it could lead to mass extinctions in the next hundreds of years. We wouldn’t be alive to witness such a thing, but that’s not much time to make any preparations.

Some of the catastrophic events caused by climate change were more tsunamis around the world, hurricanes, and heat waves that devastated parts of the planet. Now, all of this could lead to the next mass extinction much faster than the planet has ever experienced. A few hundred years compared to 60,000 is a massive change. Most countries are trying to stop vehicle CO2 emissions within the next 25 to 50 years, but this may not be enough to reverse the damage already done.

The world is constantly changing, but the people who live here can do their part to ensure that their children and grandchildren have a planet of their own. However, as the debate against climate change and its use as a policy platform continues, we may not be able to fix things. A mass extinction could happen sooner rather than later.

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