Port of Los Angeles says operations are much better: ‘We don’t expect backlogs’

The Port of Los Angeles said Tuesday that while rail shipments have slowed across the country, operations there are currently much better than they were earlier this year.

The number of ships waiting to dock at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports has fallen 75% since January, down to 22 ships from 109, the port’s director of media relations, Philip Sanfield, said.

“So no, we don’t expect a backlog of ships in the coming weeks and months anywhere close to last year. We’ve made significant progress on this front,” he told FOX Business in an email statement.

Sanfield said operations at the port are smooth, the cargo is moving at a record rate and the port does not expect problems as it enters peak season.

America’s largest warehouse is running out of room, about to get worse

An aerial view of containers and cargo ships at the Port of Los Angeles on January 19, 2022, in San Pedro, California. (Qian Weizhong/VCG via Getty Images/Getty Images)

He said the Biden administration has been “fully involved in supply chain issues” and that the Envoy for Supply Chain and Ports to the administration’s Task Force on Supply Chain Disorders, retired Gen. Stephen R. Lyons, has been leading initiatives to improve the supply chain. .

There are tens of thousands of other containers meant for rail at the docks now, said Jane Siroca, CEO of the Port of Los Angeles.

“An average day looks like 9,000 units,” he told CBS News.

Los Angeles Harbor and the Moon

The moon appears over shipping containers inside the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California, November 17, 2021. (Apu Gomes / AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)

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Union Pacific’s vice president of operations, Eric Geringer, told outlets that the railroad has hired hundreds of new employees.

The Port of Los Angeles handled 876,611 20-foot equivalent units in June, making it the best June in the port’s 115-year history.

Seroka told Spectrum News 1 that there is more in stock than some previously thought.

Los Angeles Port Trucks

Shipping containers and trucks are seen inside the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California, November 17, 2021. (Apu Gomes / AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)


“Then we come here, into the middle of this year, and many on the import side of our ledger tell us we’re going to see peak season earlier than usual. People didn’t want to get bogged down in supply chain congestion,” he said. What I see now is that some may have more stock than they thought.”

Siroca said ports in Southern California will continue to grow.

“And if you can supplement the size of this shipment with robotics, you have to be able to do that to expand capacity, which will also mean expanding the workforce. … It’s not about downsizing… it’s about how you expand that capacity and the workforce with it.” .

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