Notes from the first Vikings padded practice

The Vikings did their first padded training at boot camp today, so I really decided to swing by and see what I could see this afternoon.

Here are some notes and impressions from today’s exercise.

offensive line

  • JC Tretter on the first line? In individual exercises, Harrison Phillips – who is basically the same size as Garrett Bradbury – laid Bradbury flat on his back immediately on his first rep. The next actor hit him with a swimming move. Reminds me a bit of how Lenval Joseph used Pat Elflin’s destruction. I do not know what to say. He’s had four years in the league, and no other offensive lineman has ever suffered a defeat this bad.
  • RG is the loss of Jesse Davis. It doesn’t depend on today’s performance, but it looks like the right guard is going to lose Jesse Davis – and I don’t see him losing him before the start of the regular season. I wouldn’t say Davis was impressed – he let go of the pressure – but Reed is worse, and Ingram has a sharper educational remedy. If Jesse Davis loses his primary job mid-season, I think it will be to Ed Ingram instead of Chris Reed.
  • Kyle Hinton is no longer at the center. Earlier this year, it was reported that Kyle Hinton was working out at the center. He wasn’t with the centers today, and looks like he’s poised. Austin Schlotman and Josh Sokol were other practice centers.
  • OT > IOL. Not a massive ad, but Darriso and O’Neill held up better than the inside streak. Encouraging given the level of competition – especially Darrisaw.

line of defense

  • Philips is not that big, but it has great power. My first impression of Harrison Phillips when on the field with the other offensive and defensive line guys, is that it doesn’t look too big to be a nosedive. My second impression was a Bradbury pie. I think it will be fine.
  • Daniel Hunter plays on the right. In previous seasons, Hunter had always played a defensive left versus right tackle. He’s been right OLB/DE all day in practice today. We’ll see if this is a permanent thing, but it could be.
  • Chess piece Zadarius Smith. Smith lined up in front of Hunter at LOLB, but he moved a fair amount. Sometimes he lines up at the DT spot opposite the RG, another time next to Hunter outside the LT. It appears that the Vikings are planning to use him in a similar role as the Packers did in moving him along the defensive line.
  • DJ Wonnum and Patrick Jones II back up the OLBs. Looks like Wum and Jones have the inside track in the spare OLB points. They’ve got all the actors with 2s that I can see.
  • Not sure about DTs. I didn’t pay as much attention to the 2nd/3rd team DT/DEs, but I think it was James Lynch, Jaylene Tieman and Julian Taylor with 2s.
  • DL > OL. For the first year in a row, the defense line looked better than the offensive line at training camp – at least today. The difference is that both offensive tackles withstood some of the top competitors.

running back

  • Ty Chandler get reps. The Vikings split Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison among the first team reps (not sure if it’s 50/50 or not), and Ty Chandler got the second team reps. He stood out because he seemed to get more reps than any other RB, and because he looked so good in them. It looks like the RB3’s inner track. someone watching.
  • Dalphin Cook is similar to Dalphin Cook. He’s a linebacker like Adrian Peterson before him, for various reasons, who stands out when you watch him with the ball in his hands. It has such quick acceleration, smooth style and effort – it’s always a pleasure to watch. There was a bad exchange between Cook and Cousins ​​in one play that resulted in confusion.

tight end

  • Irv Smith Jr. left training with some kind of injury– He walks on his strength. He returned to the sideline later, but did not participate. From his body language when he came back, he looked fine – maybe it was a minor thing and he didn’t participate afterwards for precautionary reasons.
  • In Smith’s absence, Zach Davidson got some time with the Ones, and a few more targets too – especially during the case of an accelerated attack. Mundt was working with 1s as well, and I think the target was in a shallow crossing path that Eric Kendricks intercepted in today’s play.

wide future

All WR comments are from 11 to 11 periods.

  • Justin Jefferson has no problem breaking up. against anyone. Almost to the point where the opposing corners try not to get close to him. They may have been directed in this way to prevent infection. Anyway, it opens a lot. Although he runs great roads.
  • Adam Thelin had a nice hold On a crossing path he had to dive to get it.
  • KJ Osborn has had at least a few lovely receptions. Including a beautiful snorkeling fishing in the end zone during the red zone period. He seems to have improved over the past season. WR1, WR2, and WR3 are closed on this team.
  • Looks like the next two on the depth chart Bessie Johnson and Emyr Smith-Marcett. I think Johnson had a reception on one of the rare throws in an 11v11 drill where either Kellen Mond or Sean Mannion threw over 5 yards or so on the field. Jalen Naylor He had another in a nice grab on a junction road with the ball lying behind him – although it’s at the bottom of the depth chart.
  • Surprisingly, at least for me, they are both Trichton Jackson and Dan Chesena There was a fair amount between the second and third and they seemed to be next on the depth chart based on that. It is noteworthy that Trichton Jackson came from rams, so the coaching staff knows him.
  • Galen Naylor, Myron Mitchell, Thomas Heneghan and Albert Wilson They were there for some reps as well, but less than others than I can see. Nailor had two good reps – he almost brought a shoulder difficulty near the sideline as well. Odd angle on the ball – not the best throw. Wilson didn’t look good – I think he had a drop or two – although that might include some practice as well. I don’t remember targeting Mitchell or Heneghan in 11 to 11 seconds.
  • My opinion of the wide receiver depth chart:

WR1 (JJ), WR2 (Thielen), and WR3 (KJ Osborn) are closed, and there is no chance for anyone else to relocate to any of these sites. Beyond that, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the next five or so players. Veterans have an advantage over Nailor at the moment, due in part to the learning curve. Smith-Marsette may be at the top of this second-tier group after WR3, but I expect the pre-season games to show a high score in how the depth chart sorts. I highly doubt Heneghan or Wilson made the 53-man list, and I’d be surprised if Mitchell made it too, although he’s had some pluses so far.


  • Kirk Cousins ​​had an up and down day. He got an objection from Eric Kendricks, who was more of Kendricks making a great play compared to the cousins ​​who did a poor shot, and Johnny Mondt may not have done a better job of getting the ball rolling. He also had a bad exchange with Dalvin Cook which resulted in a falter, passing a couple off target. But at the end of the 11v11 period, he’s back on track again, making what looked like a legitimate dash (as opposed to defenders regressing) and a nice pass for Adam Tellin into the end zone. Then he had two balls that were beautifully placed over the outstretched Cameron Dantzler and Barry Nickerson for the big plays. The first to Bessie Johnson, the second to KJ Osborn for landing.
  • Kaylene Mund and Sean Manion continue their roles. I think ‘meh’ relates to Mannion’s cap as the midfield player at this point, while Mond doesn’t seem to have the confidence yet at this point. He’s a little more prepared than last year, but he’s still hesitant to make the decision, perhaps unsure of how he’ll be delivered. I’m not sure that’s the best way to describe it, but it’s temporary anyway. The Mond and Mannion both seem more comfortable throwing a check mark or short crossover than anything else on the bottom unless the receiver is open with a full stride.
  • It will be interesting to see if the new system can develop Mond into a proper backup. He has a long way to go, but mostly over-the-shoulder development is needed.

defensive high school

  • Patrick Peterson played exclusively as a left-backWhich is the opposite of what he played last season with the Vikings.
  • Cameron Dantzler played exclusively at right-backUnlike what he did last season. I’m not sure what caused the change, but it may be permanent. He gave up some big receptions, but mostly because the throw was better than he covered, or he was covering Justin Jefferson.
  • Andrew Booth Jr didn’t see many goals, but had a little dusting with Bessie Johnson after Booth gave him an extra boost at the end of the play that sent Johnson to Earth. Justin Jefferson and another defensive back had to help break up the controversy. Booth is the guy who shines on the court the way he carries himself – which is good in a corner and usually a requirement to be a top corner. Looks like he’s been taken under the wing of Patrick Peterson for a bit too – at least they seem to get along well. Booth’s arrow is definitely pointing upwards.
  • Eric Kendricks was playing today. I’m going to include this in defensive high because that’s the only full-back note I have. Kendricks chose Cousins ​​on a short transit route targeting Johnny Mondt. The pitch seemed to be in good shape, but Kendricks, as he’s known several times during the season, intercepted the dive – truly an exceptional game for Kendricks.

special teams

It was kick day on special teams today – no field goal attempts or kickoffs.

  • Jordan Berry was a little more consistent As a gambler than his rival – Ryan Wright. Wright had a couple of boomy kicks and seemed to have a better leg between the two, but he also had a few more legs.
  • KJ Osborn and Ihmir Smith-Marsette They were the only two kicks he’d hold today, and probably reduce the task of returning the punt to these two.

That’s all I have from this practice. Not sure when I’ll be there next time, but I’ll keep you posted.

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