How to instantly customize lock screen notifications in iOS 16

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Every year and with every iOS update, It seems Apple is trying to do something new when it comes to the iPhone notices. We’re not talking about reinventing the wheel or going the Android route – just incremental changes that improve your quality of lifeat least for your device.

With iOS 16, you get more options than ever before to customize how Notifications appear on the lock screen (which also contains files Customization Options for the first time). You can even make notifications disappear with a simple gesture.

To get started, go to Settings > Notices > Show as.

NB: This is an iOS 16 feature currently available as a file public beta. The feature will be widely available in fAll in 2022.

There are three ways to display notifications on the iOS 16 lock screen. By default, they are now They appear at the bottom of the screen instead of in the middle. this is Is it new?pile‘Choice which places Related notifications (from the same app, or conversation), on top of each other in groups, so they don’t take up too much space. To see all your notifications, tap on groups to expand them. (If you prefer the old wayyou can switch toexistingwho will be shown All notifications individually.)

Until now The most interesting customization Selection Do you “NumberFeature. Enable it and you’ll just see basic “(n) NotificationsCount at the bottom of the screen when you have new notifications. This is a subtle reminder that you have notifications, but they won’t scream in your face – you won’t even be able to tell which app is sending you audio messages until you tap or swipe up The Count, at what point Notifications will expand into a stack.

How to switch notification options with a gesture

And here’s the cool part: You can switch between CAunt, sTack, and L.IST on the fly, Without going to “Settings” first. any time you have Notifications on L.ock S.screen, press in or out on the screen, and you can go from Count of sToggles to the menu and back In just a few seconds.

these The new notification display options are one of many small, hHidden features in iOS 16. If you are new to the update, Check out our detailed guide To find out what else you can do.

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