Google basically confirms Android 13 release date

The final version of Android 13 Beta arrived last month as Beta 4 along with a promise from Google that this was its last beta. Without counting update 4.1 to address some bugs, Google said that the next update to Android 13 will be the stable release over the coming weeks. Today, as part of its release of Android August security bulletins, it appears that Google has revealed that Android 13 will be released to AOSP in September.

The surprise “Android 13 Security Release Notes” has been published on the Android Security Bulletins page that Google publishes monthly bulletins for as it publishes the latest monthly update for Pixel phones. It pushes both general Android security bulletins, as well as Pixel/Nexus-specific bulletins, with a special Android 13 note under the general category.

We caught a rare note earlier, after notice Google published the August patch bulletin without publishing a factory image or OTA files for Pixel phones.

In the note, Google states that Android 13 devices “with security patch level 2022-09-01 or later are protected against these issues,” which are subsequently listed as “vulnerabilities fixed as part of Android 13.” Then Google states that “Android 13, as released in AOSP, will have a default security patch level 2022-09-01”. And here we turn to the idea that Android 13 will arrive in September.

Far from the seemingly late arrival of Android 12 in October last year, Google released Android 10 and Android 11 in early September. Android 9 “Pie” was released in early August 2018, for reference only.

Now, if Google pushed Android 13 to AOSP in early September, we may or may not see it on Pixel phones right away. For Android 12, Google pushed the code to AOSP, but then didn’t send the update to Pixel phones for a few more weeks. This move was out of the grand scheme of rolling out a new Android version and it could be for a number of reasons. Android 12 was a massive update, plus the timing of its arrival with Google’s great new Pixel 6 phones makes a lot of sense. In most previous years, AOSP meant same-day updates for Pixels.

Want a date to target Android 13 in September? Pencils casually on September 6th wouldn’t be a bad idea. Google likes to release updates on the first Monday of every month, but that’s September 5th and also Labor Day. Google now says it pushes updates on the next “business” day if the first Monday is on a holiday, which would be the sixth. I can’t imagine a better time to drop Android 13 than at that point.

Note: The last paragraph has been updated to take into account the fact that September 5th is Labor Day, so Google will likely release the update on September 6.

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