Florida Camp Preview: Narrow End

(Photo: Isabella Marley | UF Communications)

Dante Zanders It was a defensive end preparing for a spring that would likely have served as a deep slash at the edge of Florida’s defensive front. He sat in defensive meetings and participated in a team strength and conditioning program created specifically for players in his position group.

But after only a few rehearsals in the spring, it became clear that the Gators needed Zanders on the other side of the ball on a tight end. The unit lost three Scholarship players to injuries of varying severity, and Zanders, a former tight end, made the most sense to make the move.

A month later, Zanders left no doubt as to whether or not it was a contactless transmission. The senior player from Boca Raton, Florida, put in an excellent display during the Spring Game of the Jets, putting all players at 56 yards and tying the game’s lead to five receptions. It was a fitting end to a great spring.

Dante ZandersNapier said after the spring game in Florida. “I can’t praise him enough. I mean, it was a spring story. Heck, we had three tight study limbs injured, we went out for the spring three, four, five drills in. We moved him away from the defense and the guy picked him up quickly.”

Napier said Zanders’ offensive production of the ball was a byproduct of a commendable dedication. According to the Florida first-year coach, Zanders was “more around the facility than some coaches,” and focused on relearn the details of his new position.

Working against a projected Florida first-team defense during the Orange-Blue game Thursday night, Zanders not only appeared comfortable in Napier’s scheme but was also relied upon within it, scoring more goals (six) than any other player on the Blues, who was a freshman of the year. the second Anthony Richardson under the center. Richardson said he was initially surprised to see Zanders playing with a court finish but quickly came to love the move.

“It was excellent for me,” said the sophomore sign student. “I remember the first day they told me he’d be there. I was like, ‘Man, this is different.’ Then I saw him walk in. We’d go to our cars. He said, ‘Brother, I got you.'” Since then, he’s been supporting me, and I’m grateful So “.

Zanders is expected to start in the Gators, an unexpected rise for someone who walked away from playing by a court finish in favor of defense after his first season in 2018.

“He has the ability,” Napier said. “I mean, the guy is 6-foot-5 and a quarter, he weighs 260 pounds, he’s loose, he can move, he’s got good ball skills. Most importantly, he’s smart and consistent. The guy is tough on point of attack. I mean, he’s a God sent. Not only does he make a move, but he’s going to give us a lot of plays. So pleased with my Dante.”

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