Falcons Training Camp Summary: Day 5

Day five of the Atlanta Falcons training camp was greeted with early fanfare, as it was the first chance to see the 2022 squad in full podiums. However, like the first day of training, it was more of a warm-up session with a bit of movement mixed in of late. Monday saw a lot of practice, a short 7 on 7 session, and a good amount of 11 on 11 that happened on the far field.

Although it was difficult to observe the exercise from afar, we saw a dominant performance by the defense – both in terms of the ground game and in coverage – and a few impressive plays in attack.

Let’s get to the good stuff.

The defense dominates on the fifth day

It’s been a back-and-forth training camp so far, with attack and defense swapping strikes and mostly out even over the first five days. Today marked the first day in the bushings, and we were all wondering if this physical strength was going to change things on either side of the ball. The Too early The returns were positive for the defense, who dominated during the full 11 to 11 sessions throughout most of Monday’s training.

The running defense was completely stifling outside of a few good runs by the rookie tyler lime And the Destiny Olison. rusher bullish edge Arnold Ipeketty He put in an impressive display, getting rid of his blocker and stopping to run without any gains. veteran DT Galen Dalton He also had a noticeable shutdown, and stumbled Caleb Huntley to make a small profit.

Coverage was excellent again. Today’s star was the veteran Kornbeck Casey Haywardwho had great coverage on The Apprentice WR Drake London in the final region. His presence forced Mariota to a high throw, and London couldn’t get off with it.

Hayward also played another strong match against the veteran receiver Jeronimo Allison. Mariota is able to complete the pass, but Hayward is on him immediately to block any yards after the catch. I didn’t notice Hayward at first when I tweeted at him, but he clearly got his hands on Allison.

The second team’s attack appears to have far more success against the second team’s defense, for what it deserves. But the starting defense is to be commended for their best performance to date.

Grady Jarrett is a one-man wrecking crew

Speaking of defensive hegemony, astral defensive intervention Grady Jarrett He took advantage of the first day in the pads to make a bid to start 11-on-11. defense stuffed Damian Williams At first, and then, it was The Jarrett Show. Grady “sacked” Mariota in the next play, immediately beating the attacking lineman (I couldn’t tell if he was the center guard or the left). After that, he did it again, and immediately found his way back to the chase Cordaryl Patterson From the back side of the play.

Jarrett will be the heart and soul of this defensive line, both from a talent and leadership perspective. Early on, it seemed to be worth every penny of this extension. Hopefully the rest of the line can support him and play their own games when opponents inevitably plan to stop Jarrett.

Sitting Brian Edwards, Damier Bird stunned

I have noticed WR Brian Edwards Leave the exercise a bit early on Saturday after an injury to his shoulder or arm appears. On Monday, I received an update from Terry Fontenot about Edwards’ condition.

Fontenot confirmed that Edwards had a shoulder injury, but didn’t seem to be too concerned about it and wasn’t sure if he’d even sit down for training. I can confirm that Edwards did not train on Monday. In his post-workout press, Arthur Smith provided more details about Edwards’ injury and schedule. For more information, check out the writing by Dave Choate.

Edwards’ absence increased targets for veterans Damier Bird And the Jeronimo AllisonBut it was Baird who really took advantage of that opportunity. Bird was the most impressive offensive player on Monday, relegating from Desmond Reader.

Bird also beat CB veteran Casey Hayward with a diving receiver for big gains through the 11 to 11. After a relatively calm start to camping for the fast receiver, he made a strong case to be one of Atlanta’s deepest major threats.

First look at the gambler battle

For all the specials out there (Evan Birchfield), we finally got our first look at gamblers today. We’ve seen a bunch of kicks from both veterans Bradley Binion and UDFA Seth Vernon. Honestly, they both looked good. They both seem to get a good distance and hang time.

This is a kick from Seth Vernon– You got it from a better angle.

For what it’s worth, Arthur Smith seems to praise Pinion a bit in his post-workout snap. I didn’t get an exact quote because I was leaving practice early, but it seemed to indicate Pinion was somewhat expected to be the starter. This is not a shock considering Pinion’s experience and skill as a gambler and artist. I think it’s still worth keeping an eye on Vernon’s ball during camp and pre-season, as he could still make him a great performer on the coaching staff.

Other notes from the fifth day

  • Your daily update on the offensive line: It was the start of day five LT Jake MatthewsAnd the LG Elijah Wilkinson, C Drew Dalman, RG Chris Lindstrom, And the RT Caleb McGarry. For those who hold the score, that’s four straight points starting at Wilkinson’s left guard. The center continued to travel back and forth between Dalman and the occupant Matt Hennessy. Correct Intervention has had very little intrigue so far, with McGarry holding it for all five days. I began to wonder if Germain Evidé You will even get a real chance.
  • back corner Darren Hall overcome Damier Bird in the clip above, but had a solid day off that play with my two PBUs through the rest of the plays in training. This is a good place to remind you that the clips you see are just a small part of all the plays that take place in the camp. Today, I only managed to record a short session of 7 on 7 – there was Much Other plays that I could not record.
  • On a day when the running game struggled, rookie tyler lime The best run was towards the end of the practice. He squeezed through a small hole before exploding into the second level for a big gain. As expected, the addition of pads and body helped him.
  • Edge Jordan Brailford Sack was at the end of practice day Desmond Reader.
  • TE / QB Feleipe Franks Continue to do at least one reel each day. Today was a landing catch of Rider Where he created an excellent break with LB Dorian Etheridge.

That’s it for today’s bootcamp notes. I will be back in Flowery Branch shining and early Tuesday for what I am hopefull It’s a day packed with action (and easy to score) 6 workouts.

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