Dodgers replace Garrett Clevenger with a ray of German tapia; Editing a 40-man roster spot – Dodgers Digest

We’re less than 28 hours away from the trade deadline, and things are starting to happen in baseball. Scott Evros (which I was already planning to write about for Trade Deadline Series) to the Yankees and drag Brewers and Padres a Josh Hader Deal.

The Dodgers, feeling careless, made a simple move by sending the left hand Garrett Clevenger To Rice for an 18-year-old defender German Tapia.

Tapia is an interesting possibility. It brings back the Dominican Summer League after last year’s rough professional debut: .214/.372/.262. This year, turn things around by hitting the .329/ .500/ .452. It should be in the US sooner rather than later, where the player development department can really unleash its potential.

At risk of smashing payroll, here’s a small excerpt on Tapia, courtesy of Ben Badler at Baseball America (via Future Dodgers):

The Dodgers caught several prospects with similar reports (Luis Rodriguezanyone?), so we’ll see if they can develop Tapia into a quality company.

Cleavinger, 28, was a victim of the 40-player roster, spending most of his 2022 season with Triple-A Oklahoma City. It was originally obtained from Velez in A 3- Team Agreement With the Rays, by chance, in December 2020. He has some ability and the Rays are doing a great job unlocking the potential of shooters, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him turn into a quality thinner in Tampa.

The biggest influence of this trade is in the 40-man list. Dodgers now have a slot open before tomorrow’s deadline. This is no coincidence. Sure, it is possible that they will make some internal moves on the list – Edwin Rios Listed infected for 60 days and soon to return, Justin Turner A little sick, etc – but let’s have fun imagining this is in preparation for the deadline, with the Dodgers hope Adding like a bat at the elite level Juan Soto. or another arm like Scott Barlow. or a kick-off like Carlos Rodon (Yes, I said that). Or maybe just another simple move or two.

We’ll see what happens, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last deal we write about in this weblog until the end of the season.

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