Darnay Holmes steals the show at Giants training camp

Lots of spotlights shed on the top rookies, Kayvon Tibodeau, Evan Neal, Wan Del Robinson, and of course plenty of it on Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones as they began the battle to stay giants…but Darnay Holmes was the unexpected star in training camp.

Starney Holmes.

“I go into the field with the mindset of ‘You have to deal with me,'” Holmes told The Post. “That’s the approach you have to take to life in general. Being negative in this day and age isn’t the best thing, unless it’s with a woman. But beyond that, just being in tune with yourself, and understanding that when things go south, it doesn’t define who you are. So just having a more state of mind to progress and not stagnant.”

The advance in the first week of training was manifested in three interceptions, including a Pick Six, and forced fumbling from Saquon Barkley – making you believe the best was yet to come for Holmes, either in his current spot in the corner or perhaps even out if Aaron Robinson didn’t cut it.

“I would say that what drove me when I was young was the fear of not being what I know who I am,” said Holmes. “And what drives me now is that.”

Holmes had two interceptions in nine career starts during two seasons marred by injuries that included a broken rib that ended in 2021. That was at the time. This is now.

Darnay Holmes celebrated with an objection.
Corey Sibkin

“Confidence is the thing that I feel you have to work on, and that comes from preparation, it comes from the spiritual side and it comes from the visual side,” said Holmes. “Imagine yourself being successful, which is indicative of that success,” Holmes said. “Really understand that you cannot allow your confidence to come from your results, because you will become a serpentine train. So, just staying balanced and knowing that my confidence comes from the man above and comes from the process I lock in.”

Holmes said Barkley taught him to fantasize last season.

What do you know?

“Just make the different play calls that you know were on the ready roster, visualize the different formations you can come with or visualize your match and when things go your way, how do you do it when things don’t go your way, how do you respond, so when that comes things, they just don’t bother you, I’ve been there before.”

Dbacks Academy Sports Performance Life coach Brian Walker has mentored Holmes since before the 2020 NFL Draft and has seen him grow during the holiday season at Mackay Park in Englewood, NJ

“I noticed it got faster,” Walker told The Post. “The biggest thing is he’s healthy. He’s adapted to the NFL lifestyle. He’s a California guy, so he’s acclimated to the East Coast. He’s always been mature, but I think he sees an opportunity with him.” [CB James] Bradbury goes to another team [the Eagles] – Inside, outside – he’s just excited to be even better as a player.”

Holmes is 5 feet 10 feet 190 pounds and is fearless.

“Physically I’m getting leaner,” Walker said. “It looks like he’s just been defined and cut. He’s just getting ready to play whatever position they want.”

Darnay Holmes runs training at Giants Camp.
Corey Sibkin

Holmes’ exploratory report on Holmes:

“He’s my body. Fast, I would say. Good instincts and ball skills and he could be the guy who could cover any size if he had to do it.”

How tall is Darnay Holmes?

Darney Holmes smiling at Giants camp.
Corey Sibkin

“Personally, I consider him a young man who could be a professional Bowler,” Walker said. “I always said he reminds me of a guy like Chris Harris, who’s a professional bowler. He also reminds me of DeAngelo Hall that size. Although they think Darnay is small, he’s 5-10, 190, so he’s an inch shorter.” [Darrelle] Reconsider, if that.”

Holmes was a star running back, receiver and five-star staffer at Calabasas HS “That’s why I love getting my hands on the ball, and being able to project a few things,” he said, and he smiled.

You stole the show.

“I’ve seen a growth in him as a person and it shows in his game,” CB Adore Jackson said. “I’ve known him since I was 17, 16, and I’m about to turn 27. It’s like 10 years of knowing him and getting to know him at the highest level to be able to play and compete, it’s great to see.”

Starnay cares about head coach Brian Daboll: “He lets us run the show, but he’s very diligent about what he expects from us.”

He talks about defensive coordinator Wink Martindale: “He’s a humble guy. He’s a guy who wants everyone to win. He cares about all of our successes, which are hard to find in this world.”

Holmes Sweet Holmes.

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