DALL-E 2 produces shocking AI portraits of the ‘last selfie ever taken’

DALL-E 2 user has posted a series of terrifying photos created by artificial intelligence (AI) software that depict the last selfie ever taken.

Horrific and nightmarish images detail the horrific beings gazing into the lens as the world around them collapses.

Robot Overloards posted the video series on his TikTok page, where he posts other creepy images created by the DALL-E 2 AI machine.

robotoverloards asked Ai to show him the last selfie ever taken #creepy #scary #ai #midjourney #dalle2 #foryoupage It’s just a burning memory – caretaker
robotoverloards Require Ai to show the last selfie ever taken Part: 2 #horror #scary #ai #dalle2 #midjourney #foryoupage It’s just a burning memory – acting

The selfies, created by Selfie Apocalypse, proved incredibly popular with one of the creators’ videos receiving more than 13 million views and more than 2 million likes. Typical comments include: “I wasn’t planning on sleeping anyway.” While others laughed comically: “Average day in Ohio.”

The creator also asked DALL-E to show his “last selfie taken at the end of the world.” DALL-E may have produced images of burnt-out buildings and charred streets. One photo has flashes of light in the sky behind the selfie snapper, while another has the planet Earth flying in the sky, which could indicate that the human race has moved to the moon or somewhere else.

The most striking aspect is the characters themselves, some of which appear to be zombies or even aliens. One particularly scary image shows a person in a black plague-type costume with other scary characters standing behind them.

DALL-E Last Selfie Ever Taken

DALL-E Last Selfie Ever Taken

DALL-E Last Selfie Ever Taken

DALL-E Last Selfie Ever Taken

The TikTok creator has made other images of DALL-E by asking things like: “Show me the yet-to-be-discovered animals,” and “Smartphone photos during the Black Death.”


OpenAI, the company behind DALL-E, recently announced the beta version and said that one million people on the waiting list for the software will now be able to start using the software in question.

The AI ​​image generator has been in development for some time and scrapes the web for images to see what things are, and the program will draw clues from the captions attached to the images. This explains the fiery items, zombies when the word “apocalypse” is used in the command prompt.

DALL-E Last Selfie Ever Taken

DALL-E Last Selfie Ever Taken

Algorithms inside AI eventually find patterns within images and can associate them with annotations. Since it then knows what the image should look like, it can generate it from any prompts the user places.

Image credits: All images were created by Robot Overloards using DALL-E.

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