CSGO August 1 patch resets all player ranks with a matchmaking fix

. Last update: August 02, 2022

CS: GO is undergoing a major re-ranking process once again after Valve pushed “multiple changes to the competitive matchmaking algorithm” in the game’s August 1 patch. All players will have to win a game to see their new ranking, which will likely have changed in some levels.

In-game match queues in CS: GO, especially for competition, are seen as a bit of a meme. Matchmakers often have trouble finding balanced games, and player ranks often veer to the low side.

The presence of third-party programs such as FACEIT or ESEA often does not help get highly competitive players off public queues.

However, Valve is trying to entice players to push for Global Elite in CS: GO by making some major tweaks to match the in-game competition. In doing so, each individual has been rearranged to some extent.

“Usually when we ship changes to the match system in CS:GO, the mods are small enough that we don’t include them in our release notes,” the developers told players on August 1. “However, today’s update affects all CS: GO players so it requires some explanation.”

“When you launch CS: GO, you will notice that your skill set is not displayed – you will have to win another match to reveal your skill set. Most of you will notice a change in your skill set, but some of you may find that you are already in the right place.”

Although Valve hasn’t specified exact match changes ⁠— just that there have been “multiple changes to the competitive matchmaking algorithm” – players hope it can fix some issues with how rank skewed.

It’s not the first drastic CS:GO rated reset that either has been subjected to. Valve pushed it forward very early in the game’s existence after players found themselves in very bloated ranks. Since this mod, players have veered heavily towards the Silver and Gold Nova.

To know exactly where you will land, you have to win one competitive game. After doing that, your new skill set will be revealed.

On top of the matchmaking changes, Valve has also updated the Defender on Ember as part of the August 1 CS:GO patch. You can find the full notes below.

CSGO patch notes August 1



  • Changes in defenders
    • Changed the angle the north cannon faces
    • Cannons can now be directed upwards, and they are now twice as fast
    • Now you have 3 firing speeds (change with mouse 2)
    • Low inaccuracy multiplier
    • Killfeed now shows weapon icon
    • Produce fleshy screen shake and more particle effects
    • The base form is now also rotated
    • Added damage drop to Cannonballs after their initial collision
    • Fixed being able to bump away from the cannon and maintain control
    • Stationary cannons continued to rotate when no longer in use
  • The bus has been added to the bus stop outside the industry


  • Multiple changes to the competitive matching algorithm, which will require re-calibration of skill sets for accuracy. Your skill set will not appear until you win your next match.
  • The game teacher should now properly reload the saved state if it has been disabled and re-enabled.
  • Game coach floating hints are disabled in competitive matches.

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