Cardinals end Jose Quintana deal

The Cardinal finalizes a deal to get a newbie Jose Quintana from a hacker, according to ESPN’s Jeff Bassan (Twitter link). St. Louis were looking for additions to their turn at first, and they’re on the verge of agreeing to add an opponent within the squad.

Quintana was an obvious commercial candidate, as he’s an imminent free agent at FC Pittsburgh with no chance of making it past the season in 2022. The Poke team was sure to transfer him for some players who could help after this season, and there’s no reason for Pittsburgh to worry about a transfer. to a competitor in the band.

Cards flew into the market in search of weapons of higher impact, with the former Oakland ace Frankie Montas It is said to be a primary goal. Once Team A’s tackle the Montas to the Yankees, it looks like the cards are pivotal to a low-cost veteran stabilizer for the back of the starting team. Quintana is no longer the upper arm in the middle of the spin he was at his peak, the type of bowler the club would target for a playoff start. However, he has had a good rebound season in Pittsburgh after struggling in 2021.

Quintana has made 20 pirate starts, and is running on a 3.50 ERA. He’s been averaging over five innings per outing, averaging 103 shots per season. The protected role—in which Pittsburgh limited it to a opposing lineup for the third time at first—helped veteran Southpaw, but his production did well on an average basis. Quintana’s 20.6% is a little below average, but he did swing strokes on 11.2% of his shows. He’s also made floors on 45% above average from hits – a trait that was attractive to Cards’ front office given the team’s solid defense – and only 7.2% of opponents walked.

Quintana’s addition addresses a rotation that has had two notable injuries in recent weeks. Jack Flaherty He’ll be out until at least August after facing renewed shoulder concerns. Off-season signature Stephen Matz, meanwhile, has tore MCL in his left knee and may miss the rest of the season. Although he hasn’t been officially left out for the year, Chief of Baseball Operations John Moziliac recently told Derek Gold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that it would be “very, very difficult” to get him back on the pile in 2022.

Cardinals adds Quintana to a rotation that also includes Adam WainwrightAnd the Dakota HudsonAnd the Miles Micholas upward Andre Balant. cards for her Matthew Liberator As a depth option, but fell back into the active year-round menu. Meanwhile, Ballant spent a large part of the season in a bowl. Even with a hopeful late-season return from Flaherty, the Cardinal could still consider another pickup in rotation in addition to the Quintana.

It’s an affordable maneuver for the Cardinals, with the 33-year-old only guaranteeing $2 million this season. The final few months of this deal won’t have much of an impact on St. Louis’ payroll outlook for the rest of the year.

More is coming.

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