Battlefield 2042’s next update will give everyone beards

Battlefield 2042

picture: Dice

Trapped Multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042Which wasn’t exactly the success that EA was hoping for, it will take another step towards being a true video game this week with the release of its next update.

While the game has been justifiably criticized by fans (and non-fans) alike, I’ve always had a poor place for it, in part because the things I love are on file battlefield The game has been around since its launchbut also because this game—developed in part during the worst months of the pandemic—It was clearly nowhere near Made by publishers EA rushed out the door.

Thus developers dice Basically he had to spend the months since launch…finishing the game, adding things like scoreboards and additional UI which under less infernal conditions would have been part of the regular development process and was with Battlefield 2042 at launch.

Update the first season of the game It made a lot of players happy simply because it dragged the game much closer than they expected in October 2021update 1.2 – tomorrow, August 2 – inches closer.

Offers some fixes The weakest map in the game (Kaleidoscope), finally gives players a lifetime stats page (allows you to keep track of things like K:D ratio, games played, etc.)Style and tone changes for game specialists.

Battlefield 2042 Specialized, characters similar to those you choose in other shooting games, for example, Apex Legendswe are The first of its kind in the series, it was received very poorly, not only because of the changes they made to the game structure (replacing the traditional classrooms like Medic), but for the way their egotistical bravado and vulgar vulgarities were at odds with the game’s grim, climatic apocalypse environment.

Dice’s first step to fix this was simply Shut them up, so the characters don’t scream Common phrases during endgame rounds, but the next step here will be to make them all seem more appropriate for the setting. This means making them all generally look more tired, filthy and ruthless, and in the case of male specialists, giving them beards. And if they already have a beard, give them more Beard, and some extra wrinkles to boot. Here is a look at the changes:

The two men on the left were clean-shaven, and now they had beards.  The man on the right, Peter, had a beard already, but now he's more bearded.

The two men on the left were clean-shaven, and now they had beards. The man on the right, Peter, had a beard already, but now he’s more bearded.
picture: Dice

I like it, everyone already seems more convenient to set up. I will say though, as a main character Mackay – For gaming reasons, not aesthetics –I was hoping for more improvement looking at his original look (Guy Who Stans Elon Musk Under Tesla Car Reviews on YouTube) and he’s now turned into Guy Who Thinks Wrestling Is Too Woke Now.

The update will also introduce some other small extinctions and changes to gameplay, and you can read all about them over here.

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