Audio issues with Apple Studio Display have reportedly been acknowledged in the internal memo

An internal memo obtained by Apple Mac rumors He points out that the company is aware of the audio issues users have encountered when using the $1,599 Studio Display, but doesn’t have a permanent solution to the problem available. Instead, the memo, distributed on Apple’s network of authorized service providers, recommends that affected users unplug the Studio Display from its power source, unplug accessories, and then plug the display back in and turn it on after a 10-second wait. .

Apple released the Studio Display in March. Besides the monitor itself, the monitor is also designed to integrate many other devices found on a typical desk, and includes built-in speakers, microphones, and a webcam. But recently Mac rumors Indicates that users have reported issues via Apple support pages, Twitter, and Mac rumors private forums. Reported issues include audio leakage, distortion, and choppy playback.

1 video posted by Twitter user Simon B. Støvring The audio playing through the studio screen appears cut off after only a few seconds Parker Ortolani He says he struggled for days to get the speakers on his studio screen. Mario Guzman tweets That without frequent replays, the audio playing from his two studio shows would eventually become choppy before being completely cut out.

The good news is that Apple notes that these issues are not caused by issues with Studio Display hardware, which means a future software update can address them. The bad news is that there is no definitive information about when, or even if, this permanent fix could arrive. Apple did not immediately respond to the edge Comment request.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first software issue that Apple’s expensive display has encountered. When we initially reviewed the studio monitor, the device’s webcam looked awful. It was bad in good lighting, and awful in low light. Apple eventually released a software update that attempted to address the issues, but while it has improved the performance elements of the webcam, its quality is still lower compared to many standalone webcams on the market. See for yourself.

It’s not a good look for Apple’s premium Mac accessories. Studio Display may have a lot of functionality, but in the end it means it has a lot that can go wrong.

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