Angels plan to keep Shuhei Otani, no longer listen to performances

Angels have listened to AL MVP judgment specials Shuhei Ohtani For the past several days, but New York Post’s John Heyman reports that they no longer do. The Yankees, Padres and White Sox were among the teams that made commercial bids for Otani, according to the report, but Hyman wrote that owner Arte Moreno eventually proved “unwilling” to let Otani go.

The fact that Ohtani stayed put is hardly shocking. Even when reports surfaced that angels were listening to trade shows, it was still not likely that an agreement would be reached. Given Ohtani’s unprecedented contributions to the team in recent years, it was always expected that a huge package would be put on the table so the Angels could pull the trigger on the deal. With the Angels mired in yet another miserable season that saw them come out of the fray, it made sense to tune in to performances on the star given that he’s now just over a year away from free agency. Although those three clubs seem to be putting on serious offers, none of them seem to have come close to the understandably high price of the Angels.

Otani, the league’s Most Valuable Player, is having another historic season to add to his already impressive roster of trophies. His strength has waned slightly, as his 22 home runs a year put him on track to downgrade to 46 last year. But regardless, his .255/.352/.495 slash line this year isn’t too far off from last year’s .257/.372/.592. This year’s wRC+ 135 points is seventeen points behind last year, but still 35% better than the league’s batting average. In terms of promoting things, it has really improved compared to the previous season. He dropped his ERA from 3.18 to 2.81, increased his strike rate from 29.3% to 36.4% and lowered his gait rate from 8.3% to 5.8%.

With him doing stellar results on both sides of the ball and earning a modest salary of $5.5 million, it’s hard to fathom a team that isn’t interested in cashing in on his services. The Yankees have been known to be looking for rotation assistance, having checked into some of the best names available like Frankie Montas And the Luis Castillo, before the latter is traded with the sailors. They’ve also checked in offensive upgrades, which were recently acquired Andrew Benintende. Getting Ohtani would have crowded out the DH mix a bit, although the Yanks were certainly willing to find a way to work with this situation for such a historic player.

Padres already have a rotation surplus but were thinking of trading away from it as a way to reduce their payroll obligations. It is possible that they could have combined Ohtani’s trade with Blake Snell or Mike Clevengerin order to get Otani into the rotation and then also upgrade the squad.

The White Sox has a solid five-star spin right now, but has been scouting the market for upgrades anyway, with Michael Kubisch He may be working his way up to some load management as the season goes on. He actually threw 88 1/3 frames this year after only throwing 69 1/3 frames over the previous three seasons combined.

No matter how much sense Otani would have made for those teams, it didn’t seem as though the Angels came close to a deal they took seriously. It makes perfect sense for them to want to hold on to this unprecedented talent, although this decision won’t provide any clarity in the long run. The Angels are still 43-59 and heading to finish another post-season watching season from home. That would leave 2023 as the club’s last chance to build a winning slate around Ohtani, unless they can work on an extension.

This latest course is sure to appeal to Angels fans but it will come with intricacies for the front office. Recent reports indicated that Otani and his camp were looking to overtake Max ScherzerThe average annual contract value was $43.3 million. This number will be added to payroll that already includes Mike Trout Gain more than $37 million annually through 2028 Anthony Rendon They get paid similarly through 2026. This could leave the Halos paying around $120 million per season for just three players. That wouldn’t leave much wiggle room for a team that never manages opening-day payroll above $190 million. If the extension isn’t taken, Ohtani’s name may appear in the trade rumors in a more serious fashion a year from now.

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