AMD Ryzen 7000 “Rafael” Desktop CPU with DDR5-6400

We might get a first look at the DDR5 overclocking capabilities of AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” desktop CPUs.

Overclocker AMD Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” appears on top of a DDR5-6400 desktop CPU

The latest or should we say the “alleged” leak comes from TOPPC which is a world class and famous overclocking burner that hails from Taiwan. The overclocker posted a screenshot of the CPU-z from the alleged AMD Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPU that was running DDR5 memory with a transfer rate of 6400Mbps. This is a DRAM frequency of 3202.7 (effective 6405.4 Mbps). We can also see that the DRAM runs at some tight times rated at CL-32-38-38-96-134.

The lowest latency we’ve seen for DDR5 so far is in G.Skill Trident Z5 modules that go down to CL28 but also run at a lower throughput than DDR5-5600. However, G.Skill has other kits that can access CL32 timings at the same speeds, so it’s possible to use an advanced kit here or it could just be manual overclocking. We won’t know for sure but that’s what we have now. One thing is for sure, AMD’s Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs look great and will be able to support high-frequency memory without any issues.

Our first DDR5 gaming platform is the Raphael platform and one of the great things about Raphael is that we’re going to really try to make a big boost with overclocking and I’ll kind of leave it but speeds that you probably thought couldn’t be possible, maybe possible with this overclocking spec.

Joseph Tao, Director of Memory Enablement at AMD

AMD Ryzen 7000 “Rafael” desktop CPU with DDR5-6400 memory. (Image credits: HXL)

A new feature called EXPO (AMD Extended Overclocking Profiles) will allow for improved DDR5 memory on the new platform, similar to Intel’s XMP. It’s been a tough road for AM4 to offer decent DDR4 OC capabilities but it’s more or less rated so far, we can only expect DDR5 to have a much better OC experience and compatibility compared to DDR4 on AM4 platforms. This new feature is expected to allow AM5 boards to store two memory overclocking profiles that include:

  • Optimized profile for higher bandwidth (higher frequency)
  • Improved low latency profile (more stringent CAS timings)

Furthermore, it looks like the platform will only be DDR5 compatible and we won’t see DDR4 options like we do on Intel’s current platform. But with improved DDR5 pricing and availability, that won’t be a huge deal for most of the high-end consumers that AMD targets first. AMD board partners are expected to unveil more details of the upcoming X670E motherboards on August 4th, so it looks like this could be a warm-up to get users excited about the DDR5 capabilities of AMD’s Raphael platform.

news source: HXL

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