AAA keep on leaving me stranded

Have you ever been subjected to extreme humility?

Have you ever been subjected to extreme humility?
picture: Elizabeth Blackstock

A few weeks ago, I managed to beach My Chevy Suburban in my garden. Our gravel driveway instantly turns into a huge sandpit here in South Texas, and my attempts to free myself were no match for the impact of gravity on a huge pile of American beef. So, I did what anyone would: I called AAA for help on the road. It took over 18 hours to get out.

Now, I was in no hurry here. I have other vehicles to drive, and getting the Burb out of the sand wasn’t an emergency. But this wasn’t the first time I had been left in service limbo, with no indication if any tow truck company had been contacted by AAA.

Just two months ago, my husband locked the keys in the suburbs. We called AAA for help on the road and…we got no response. In this case, after several phone calls to customer service, we were eventually told that AAA totally couldn’t find it. Which Service Provider – A fact we only learned after we waited an hour after the estimated service time, and asked for a status update. At that point, I just contacted my local locksmith directly; Arrived within 15 minutes and put us on the road shortly after. The locksmith said he regularly worked with AAA, and asked us to submit our receipt to AAA for compensation.

In the case of suburbs with sandy beaches, my estimated service time continued to pay for an hour at a time. Initially, we were promised to withdraw by 4:30 pm; We called it a night when the estimate was delayed until 1am, I canceled the order and decided to try again in the morning. The next day, after several hours, I was finally able to contact two towing companies. It was the same company that AAA had told us was on the way the night before, but when I got to the towing company directly, the dispatcher informed me that they had never heard from AAA about our call.

I’ve been lucky either way here. None of my dilemmas saw me stuck on the side of the road, desperately in need of help. But lately, AAA appears to have been too slow to provide assistance even in these emergencies. The master photographer and artist behind Auto Art Shop One Hell of a TownI was Left the roadside waiting for AAA For more than five hours in late June. Syed said it was the third time she had left AAA stuck, in one instance for more than 12 hours.

Syed, I, and hundreds of thousands of American drivers have signed up for AAA to avoid exactly this kind of emergency – when disaster leaves you stuck on the side of the road. But for now, given the recent AAA record, I think my strategy would be to contact a local company and hopefully get compensation from AAA after the accident.

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