Yankees acquire Frankie Montas and Lou Trevino

Yankees are gaining Frankie Montas And the Le Trevino From athletics, to each Jack Carey from YES. In return, athletics will receive pitchers JB SearsAnd the Ken Waldichuk And the Luis Medinaas well as the second main player Cooper Bowmanalso from curry.

next to Luis Castillo And the Tyler MahleyMontas has been considered one of the best starting shooters available on Deadline Trade. The Yankees have been linked to Castillo, but have been traded with sailors in recent days. It is clear that the Yanks turned their attention to the Montas in order to fulfill their desire to strengthen their rotation.

Montas has been a strong member of the Oakland rotation for years, first establishing himself in 2018. Despite his downturn in 2020, Montas still has a 3.73 ERA with a 24.8% strike rate, 7.8% walk rate, and 43.5% globetrotting rate. Just looking at what he’s been up to since the start of the 2021 season, he’s been on a better run, with a 3.30 ERA, 26.3% strike rate, 7.1% walking rate, and 44% average. He deserved 6.1 wins over a substitution at the time, according to FanGraphs.

Despite being a solid performer, Montas has looked like an inevitable commercial candidate for some time now. As the 2021 season ends and the season begins, it has been widely reported that A’s is planning a massive sale to any player who earns a big salary and/or is close to free agency. Montas has been cited frequently among commercial candidates, along with Chris BassettAnd the Shawn MindAnd the Matt Olson And the Matt Chapman. All four of those last names were moved between this winter’s closing and the start of the season, but Montas stayed. He’s made just over $5 million this season, making him cheaper than that group, but there’s only one more season left of him dominating the club. Since Players A is unlikely to return to competition at that time, it makes sense to make it available to other clubs.

The Yankees have been incredibly healthy in terms of their rotation this year, with the top five Gerrit ColeAnd the Jameson TelonAnd the Nestor CortesAnd the Jordan Montgomery And the Louis Severino They all keep themselves healthy for the first three months of the season. As such, the rotation as a whole has scored 567 runs, the third most in the major leagues, while also recording 3.37 ERAs and is third in the league. However, Severino landed on IL two weeks ago with a tight shoulder. while he was outside, German Domingo He made two starts but has an 8.22 ERA in those. When Montas reports to the team, he will likely return Germany to the Palace or a long relief role. If Severino can get back up the hill while everyone else is still healthy, the Yanks may have to make a tough decision about including everyone in the mix, but that will be a good problem going forward.

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