Winners of the first week of Bronco Boot Camp

The first official week of boot camp wrapped up on Saturday, so let’s take a look at some of the week’s top players and winners from the Denver Broncos camp.

This must have been a no-brainer, Russell Wilson had a great week, and he didn’t seem to miss a beat. His deep ball was fantastic as usual. Although the Broncos coaching staff agreed that there was no 7-on-7 during camp yet, Russell Wilson showed that he still has that cannonball that many NFL fans are familiar with.

Another big reason why Wilson won in my books is his impact on the Denver community as a whole. Saturday Broncos fans turned out in numbers we’ve never seen before at bootcamp, with over 7,100 people in attendance. Ciara Wilson, wife of Russell Wilson, has also been a present at every training camp thus far.

A no-brainer, Patrick Serten has arguably had the best week of any Broncos to date in camp. He’s had multiple objections and pass breakup so far. Defense coordinator Ejiro Evo had a lot of great things to say about Surtain, saying that Surtain is an “easy player” and “makes it look easy”. And Evo is not surprised by Surtian yet because Evo has high expectations for Surtain.

Also more important, Evero, who was on the Los Angeles Ramsey, compared Sertin to NFL best player Galen Ramsey by saying, “Patrick Serten is all part of a factor like Galen Ramsey.”

DNVR_Broncos on Twitter conducted a poll asking fans no matter which position the Broncos’ best player was and over 1,100 people voted, somewhat surprisingly, Patrick Serten won with 38% of the vote even over players like Justin Simmons and Russell Wilson.

After slipping under the radar in the 2022 NFL Draft in a very stacked wide reception class, Montreal Washington was drafted in the fifth round, and soon made a show at training camp. Washington, known for his speed, showed everyone that he’s very fast, even at the end of Saturday, he caught a 60-yard touchdown and was wide open, even though Cowan Williams fell with a knee injury while trying. to cover Washington in that play. He was showing off his super fast speed in so many ways and soon had a lot of people turn their heads towards him, myself included.

Many fans may not have heard much of Kaden Davis until training camp, but he was a noteworthy guy up to this point, yes he doesn’t catch the eye with his good performance but his determination is very impressive. Every day so far at Camp Davis has been the first to come out of the facility and right to practice. Yes, he probably won’t make the 53-player roster, but his determination alone could put him on the coaching staff.

Giving a show in his athletic style, Jonas Griffiths would read plays that exploded extremely well on the ball, and was a reliable central player. Earlier, regarding the second quarterback job, I said I thought Alex Singleton would be the one to win the position and so far Griffith has proven me wrong and has been fantastic in camp so far.

I decided to go with the position as a whole for this position, we all know Risner has been a good keeper for us since he was drafted in 2019 but the main reason I went for the position is because of the other side of the line and fan favorites Quinn Miners and Nitani Muti. Offensive coordinator Justin Otten said they are doing a very good position battle. Outten has even received high praise for the fan-favorite Mainers saying that his ability to push people is a rarity.

Several guys have had great weeks so far in camp like Eric Sober, Bradley Chap, DJ Jones and Jerry Jody out of his drops and they’ve had a very solid camp so far, Justin Simmons has also had very nice weeks.

Summarizing it all, coach Nathaniel Hackett said, “I like the way we set the standard for what we were looking for, and they implemented it. I think that was important during the pace. We’re still not in the pads, but just being able to watch — how can we slow that down, and get On a mental day, then come back and have a good, heavy day. It made me really happy both sides of the ball made some really good plays while competing and looking after each other. I think that’s what I like best.” Speaking of the first week of FA training camp American football.

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