Wilson Contreras’ second emotional farewell and the impact of his slump

So was this the last time we saw Wilson Contreras in Chicago Cubs this year? Ever?

A deal by tomorrow’s deadline still looks highly likely, and Contreras and his teammates certainly seem to think so after the loss to the Giants. Contreras would receive hugs and some personal messages once the game was over:

I didn’t need another emotional moment to prove my complex feelings about what’s going on, but you can understand why this keeps happening. This is really difficult for Contreras and his teammates. He can take all the emotional time he wants.

It was another tough match for Contreras, who went 0-4 with just a few pop and a knockout hit. I wrapped up the July trend, hitting only .149/.259/.230/45 wRC+ for the month, and where you could feel the turmoil weighing in as we approach the deadline.

Unless there are some underlying physical issues, which we have nothing to point to, I don’t think slack is really going to be a huge factor in the conversations. First of all, even though it’s a “month”, it’s just 85 board appearances. Prior to July, Contreras had 290 plate appearances. Recession occurs. People know this.

For another thing, his call quality this month wasn’t much worse than the rest of the season — exit velocity, barrel rate, and swipe rate all decreased, yes, but only slightly. Likewise, the strike rate goes up and the walk rate goes down, but not by a significant amount. Lots of poor overall results this month driven by the .208 BABIP I’m not sure Contreras actually earned.

So you have a mixture of a little slack, some bad luck, and maybe the guy is feeling the weight of his transition from the only team he knows. Maybe he’s really ready to have this behind him so he can focus on playing.

That’s all there is to say, I don’t expect any of that to fundamentally change the calculus in the trade. It will not change Cubs’ decision to trade preference, nor will it affect the high asking price. I suppose it’s worth asking if there is a file young The chance that any of the top suitors will see the retreat is an opportunity to stand firm on the discounted offers. And if so, whether the cubs will play this game of chicken until and during the deadline if necessary. I tend to suspect that he’s getting to that point – where the Cubs are In fact You should indicate that they are only willing to keep the Contreras – but you never want to be known as the front office that will fall apart at the last minute if the other side waits for you long enough. (And, at least at that point, the Cubs could make him a qualifying post-season offer…. )

No no. Trade is still likely to occur. Maybe sometime tomorrow afternoon. With no more games for the Cubs, they especially have no reason to rush out until they feel pressured else side. I still expect Wilson Contreras to be traded, and I expect to be emotional about it. second.

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