Tony Finau doesn’t mind sharing his goals, and he snagged a big (and possibly another) one on Sunday

Most players on the PGA Tour write a list of goals at the beginning of each season. Tony Finno is no exception.

However, the only difference with Finau is that unlike many of his peers, he is not interested in keeping details secret until the end of the season.

In fact, Finau shared some of his goals Sunday evening after winning the Rocket Mortgage Classic by five shots at Detroit Golf Club, where he was able to check one of those goals that ran all season.

“I write down the goals before every season,” Fino said. “I was able to peek at them overnight. One of my goals will be to be a multiple winner on the Tour this season. Being able to do that is amazing.”

Finau not only achieved this goal, but did so in successive events. Last week, Finau won the 3M Open by three strokes.

said the 32-year-old Finau, who doubled his Tour wins in just two weeks while shooting a group 43 Under in the process. “I think when you look at my work, the weeks in a row have changed my life now and that feels great.”

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Of course, Finau still has unfinished business on his list of goals. Each year, Finau wants to qualify for the Ryder Cup or the Presidents Cup team. This season, he’s wanted to do it on a points basis, not captain’s choice, and he’s improved his sixth-place position, right after the auto-selection cut, after his second win in as many weeks.

“I think everyone earns their place to some extent, but I really want to earn my place by earning enough points to qualify for the team this year,” said Finau, who has played for three teams in the cup, including the 2019 US Presidents. Cup team. “I have more tournaments to sort of prove myself.”

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Another top goal is to win the FedExCup Cup. Finau is expected to move up to seventh in points, and although he is still on his way back to #1 seed Scotty Scheffler, there is more points at stake in the first two play-off events and then there is a stunning start to the Tour Final in East Lake.

In other words, Finau is still in a big mood to cash out the $18 million prize that was awarded to the FedExCup champ.

A total of nearly $2.9 million in the last two Sundays isn’t bad either.

When asked how those latest winnings would be spent, Finau said, “I haven’t thought about it, but now that you bring it up, five kids will take care of that, no problem. Five kids and my wife, I’m sure they know how to spend it.”

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