Three crows whose stocks are in training camp

Three crows whose stocks are in training camp

After four days of training camp, early judgment was given to the players and their progress. Athletic’s Jeff Zripek and Jonas Schaffer of the Baltimore Sun both provided stock reports and saw similar players after the first week.

“During a one-on-one stint in training on Friday, Bateman rocked Ravens top-back, Marlon Humphrey, with a smooth, twisting track that left him gasping for fans watching nearby,” Zerbek wrote. “There is a lot of pressure on Bateman this year to lead an unproven youth corps, but he doesn’t seem to bother. He’s consistently made plays in all areas of the field and cut the falls that often happen in small camps. The 2021 first-round pick is characterized by pointless behavior He is like business and the way he competes in practice is like the hard end of Mark Andrews’ tireless approach.”

“The 2021 first-round pick lived up to expectations in his first camp as the Ravens’ wide-ranging receiver, allaying concerns about his readiness as a replacement for the Hollywood ‘Brown’ Marquis,” Shaffer wrote. “Those inconsistent hands he showed in off-season drills? Not a camp issue. Stretch speed in the field? Pittman hit a 50-yard grenade Saturday down the right sideline. Consistency?” Saturday said.

“He came to training camp early, ready for action and showed how good he is at throwing the ball that he put in so much off-season work on his mechanics and body,” Zribek wrote. “It remains to be seen if both teams reach the contract extension before the regular season. However, Jackson appears determined to get back to the season either way.”

“Jackson was the most impressive Raven in camp…” Shaffer wrote. “Playing under the ever-increasing spotlight, Jackson appears unencumbered by expectations or pressure…More encouraging, though, is Jackson’s development as a passer. Over the course of his career, he has struggled with his accuracy with deep shots. He has also been reluctant to attempt dip-throws. Shoulder, preferring instead to look for receivers past the middle. Early in camp, his best completions came from both of these classes. If Jackson can continue to avoid throwing interceptions, the passing crows attack will be in good shape in the first week.”

“The little camper carried off-season momentum into camp, doing several big plays and drawing comparisons to Andrews in the process,” Zrebek wrote. “There were questions about Likely’s athletic approach to the draft, but the fourth-round pick from Coastal Carolina demonstrated the ability to break away from the defensive back and find space, and he caught most balls thrown in his direction. Considering his play and Kollar’s injury, it seems likely that he will be He has a prominent role in the first week with the Ravens as long as he is healthy and continues to progress this summer.”

“Catching a potential 55-yard touchdown in 11v11 on Thursday is now even more impressive considering the disconnect he created against Brandon Stevens, one of the Ravens’ best defense in the camp,” Shaffer wrote. “The fourth-round pick of June’s mandatory junior camp ended on high goals and earned praise from Jackson, and his camp production continued.”

Tyler Huntley should be considered one of the needy teams in the middle

While most of the attention regarding Ravens quarterbacks is focused on Lamar Jackson, the man behind him in the depth chart, Tyler Huntley, may soon catch the eye of the NFL teams. ESPN’s Rivers McCown recently ranked Huntley 7th on his NFL U25 Top 25 and believes he should be considered by “teams in need of a quarterback.”

“Huntley had to start the stretch after Lamar Jackson was injured last year,” McCown wrote. “He finished with 1.8% passing DVOA and 14 DYAR, completed 64.9% of his passes. He took a lot of sacks (his unadjusted net rate was 8.7%), and his period was one play away from winning the award. Instead of actually winning the game. But Overall, it was a fairly successful debut. Anytime a quarterback shows even the furthest sign of such a pulse as a backup, it’s worth watching.”

Prior to last season, Huntley made waves after putting up five touchdowns against the Washington FL in Week 3, having 24 passes of 33 for 285 yards and four touchdowns with six moves for 14 yards and a touchdown. If he’s got another big game or two this pre-season, “Snoop” might be highly sought after.

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