The proposed bomb sees warriors trading Draymond Green


Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

It’s no secret that the Golden State Warriors have some tough decisions they need to make soon. By next summer’s date, four of their key players will need accessories – Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole.

Their payroll is already the largest of any team in the NBA, and they’ve shown some signs of hesitation when it comes to spending more. They let Otto Porter Jr. and Gary Payton II walk into a free agency, and instead opted to sign up for cheaper options. Paying the salaries of the four players next season would be an outrageous task.

While most people assume that warriors have to choose between Wiggins and Paul, their real choice should be between Thompson and Greene. Difficult to admit, the Old Guard is coming to an end, and the Golden State needs to worry about planning ahead. Maintaining Wiggins and Poole will be crucial in this regard.

When choosing between Green and Thompson, initial thoughts lead one to believe that Thompson should be eliminated for Poole’s appearance. However, with Green looking for a maximum contract, the Warriors could decide to charge it in signing, trading and keeping Thompson, which would likely cost them less money.

While Golden State will likely play the bullet and Green sign a huge deal, here’s a potential sign and trade that could see a Warriors striker find a new home.

Green sign potential and trade

Seeing Green playing in another uniform might be a huge blow to Warriors fans, but sometimes the transition is for the best. Just ask the 2013 Boston Celtics. They have let go of their past and plan for the future.

In this proposed trade with the Atlanta Hawks, the Warriors were doing just that. Here is a summary of the potential deal:

Warriors receive: John Collins

Hawks receive: Green, 2026 first round (protected lottery)

If the Hawksbill doesn’t end up in circulation before the end of the following season, this trade could make a lot of sense for both sides. Collins has been in the commercial for the past two seasons, and in this deal, they’re finally going to send him over.

Golden State will land another young piece to build around moving forward. Once Curry and Thompson retired, they could take on the starting lineup from Paul, Moses Moody, Wiggins, Collins and James Wiseman. Obviously they can tinker with that idea, but the point is, this is a great young kernel. (And that wasn’t even mentioned by Jonathan Kominga and Kevin Looney.)

But the real question is, why are the hawks complicating this deal?

Why do hawks do this trade?

For the Hawks, this will be a chance for them to put all their chips on the table. Is Collins the best player now? Can. But the real question is who is the better winner? That will be green. And if Atlanta wants to come close to winning a title, that will help.

Everyone has seen how dominant Carrie and Greene have been in attack over the years. Imagine that Green implements these strategies with Trae Young. Keeper Hawks will have the opportunity to learn from all-time greats.

Atlanta will also redeem a pick in this trade after they ditched a ton in the deal for Dejounte Murray, but the main reason for holding this deal would be to add a proven winner into the mix, as well as someone who could help turn a defense. The defense with Green, Murray and Clint Capela will be very interesting to watch.

So, while it would be sad to see Green leave the Golden State, if this deal was on the table, the Warriors should seriously consider it.

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