The Good and Not so Good from Day 5 of 49ers Training Camp: Trey Lance is running for his life

Santa Clara – Here’s who stood out during the fifth day of 49ers training camp. Keep in mind that this was the 49ers’ first practice in the pads, plus it was the first practice that Deebo Samuel participated in, even though he was mostly playing with the second strings.

The good

1. Quarterback Tree Lance.

He completed 5 of 10 throws, had a touchdown pass, touchdown and interception, but those numbers don’t paint the whole picture of his morning. Here are the numbers you need to know: He’s regressed 15 times, pushed 12 times, pushed four times, got sacked twice and thrown the ball away once. He’s mostly trained to run for his life, which is a valuable lesson because he’ll have to do it all season behind such a brutal offensive line. Running for his life, Lance ran for the landing and threw a nice pass from TD to Brandon Ayuk as he ran back to his left. Also complete a 40-yard pass up the right lateral line with pressure in his face while throwing his back foot. Plus he got a touchdown pass brought down by Joan Jennings. All things considered, Lance trained well, but didn’t really train for offense management because his receivers weren’t open quickly and his blockers weren’t well blocked. When he threw the cash, he lunged through his pocket to avoid pressure, then forced a pass to the heavily covered Kyle Gocek and was picked up by Charvarius Ward. This was the only pass in the morning that Lance forced. The rest of the time he was making good decisions. Fortunately for him, players were unable to touch him.

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