The Chiefs’ Orlando Brown Jr. Has Arrived – So What Happens Next?

As of Monday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs have conducted five drills for the entire team without starting the left tackle Orlando Brown Jr.

In a Monday morning workout — boot camp’s first padded workout — Johnson returned to his upper left intervention position. But Looks like everything is set to change on Tuesday.

“You have the right to throw it back in and out,” coach Andy Reed said in a post-training press on Monday. “When he gets here, we’ll talk to him and see where he is— [and] Be smart with her.”

As a reminder, Brown didn’t just miss the start of Chiefs training camp. Not signing his franchise tag, he also missed the team’s full Offseason program, including volunteer organized team activities (OTAs) and mandatory mini camp. The last time he wore a Kansas City shirt was for the AFC title match in January, which was seven months ago.

Although he had yet to see Brown at the time of his press conference, Reed made it look as though the left-footed tackle would be back in the squad as soon as possible.

“It’s hard to imitate the pace of the game, the uniforms and so on — the helmet and the pads when you’re doing things on your own,” Reid said. “You have to go through this to make amends for yourself – and he understands that.”

Reed said the challenges found in Brown’s late arrival will be figuring out what new parts of the offense were carried out for 2022 while adapting to the heat in St. Joseph. Reed’s practices are known to be more challenging than those of other coaches across the league — and on Monday, it was hot and humid at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri.

“It was warm and hard,” Reed admitted. “You add another layer, in addition to the tiara they have to wear, which isn’t really cool, so you add that with the heat and the elements, you have to push yourself through it.”

However, the hard part of camp for Brown will come with the easy part: rejoining his teammates with whom he built relationships throughout 2021.

“That’s one of our leaders out there, and everyone in this building loves Big O,” said Travis Kelsey. “And hopefully, we can get him here and get him acclimatized as soon as possible… It was definitely a little different than the locker room, you know? What a big guy, such a big character, man.” [He] He brings a lot of life to the group, so we’d be happy to have him back.”

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  • Not exercising (due to injury)CB Rashad Fenton (shoulder), Lucas Niang (knee), Prince Teja Wanugu (leg), TE Judy Fortson (quadruple))

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What’s Next?

Chiefs return to the training ground on Tuesday for the fifth training session open to the public. Practice begins at 9:15 a.m. Arrowhead time. Here’s the full schedule. Team players, running backs and specialists will be available to sign autographs after training as Special Teams Coordinator Dave Top addresses the media on the podium.

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