The best time to play Nier: Automata is now

2B and 9S walk under a bridge in Nier: Automata.

screenshot: Square Enix

Yoke: automatic Spent last week in the titles, as a result of a secret door that pushed society into a scramble. The puzzle itself may have come to a surprising and surprising conclusion, but that doesn’t mean the core game it was a part of should fall off your radar. In fact, this is all the more reason to reconsider what many herald as one of the best RPGs ever.

This recommendation applies to everyone, by the way, whether you’ve taken credits dozens of times or haven’t seen firsthand what’s likable. Yoke: automatic to many people. Developed by PlatinumGames and first released in 2017, Yoke: automatic It is an RPG set 9,000 years in the future, in which you play as a small group of battle-trained androids. It focuses mostly on hack and slash combat, but there are moments when hell is a straight shot.

Yoke: automaticThe main trick—and what makes it stand out among crowded fields—is that it has multiple endings. Not just two or three alternatives. All said, there 26 different endings. Most of them are semi-serious at best (including one where you don’t equip an item He specifically says he will kill you if you unequip it). But five of them are legit, which means you have to play through their campaign multiple times, from different perspectives, to get the whole plot.

Yoke: automatic It is a narrative tour in itself, which may partly explain its recent cultural resurgence – again, because of this secret door.

During the past two months, members of Yoke: automaticThe online community has been annoyed by a player asking for a “church” that doesn’t seem to match any known areas of the game. Some people called nonsenseBut video evidence of the previously undiscovered area surfaced early last week. Despite this, the area door seemed intriguingly accessible to only one player.

After a week of frantic, community-fueled speculation, it turns out The whole thing was a viral campaign A new set of potentially game-changing tweaks for mods, whose designers say they plan to release the tools to the public soon, are likely to be a game changer. In other words, Yoke: automatic It’s about to be home to some truly wild community creations.

This is not all. in february, Publisher announced by Square Enix It will produce an anime adaptation of Yoke: automatic. (Details are currently scarce.) yokeThe story is emotionally branching and devastating, but it’s also very personal in the way that only games can be. No matter how you got to its final conclusion, you likely got there through a different route by way of someone else. The only way to really measure an anime against its source is, you know, playing this source material.

Also, come on: although the release calendar is set to pick up steam soon, it’s dry AF now. If you’re looking to get something into your first patch of backlog, you’ll be hard-pressed to do better than that. Yoke: automatic.

Some tips for newcomers, though: reconciling multiple save files, and Beware the fish.

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