T20 World Cup 2022 – Cricket Advantage

The T20 International Cricket World Cup 2022 is only a few months away and almost all the teams are giving their blood and sweat to prepare themselves to face the best competing teams in the world. Many parties in the world such as Australia, India and New Zealand have invested in junior bowlers and are highly expected in terms of performance from this new blood in this upcoming tournament.

In the 2022 FIFA T20 World Cup, there are a few young bowlers ranked in the aspects of bowling and speed bowling who can prove to be the most impactful athletes on both sides. That’s why below is a full desk on the three young athletes who are actually on the cusp of becoming winning players in this massive ICC event.

#1. Tristan Stubbs (SA)

In fact, young South African batsman Tristan Stubbs captured the attention of the entire cricket fraternity in his early international matches. It’s a shock-packed T20 hitter combined with a submachine gun and the occasional spinner. The 21-year-old has played quite a few T20 internationals for South Africa but in these matches he has a hit average of over 217.50.

In the last crucial game between England and South Africa, Stubbs took an extraordinary one-handed order to dismiss the English deputy captain, Moeen Ali. So in this upcoming ICC World Cup 2022 he will surely be the funniest player if he gets the chance to play 11 in South Africa.

#2. Harry Brooke (Ang)

Harry Brooke is the same type of field character as the South African Tristan Stubbs mentioned above. Brock plays the explosive mid-level batsman of the English side who made his debut only a few games ago, but he has a strong sense of being in the England squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2022 where his role will be very crucial in the weak link of the English side’s midfield model.

In the T20 series against India, he played two matches but did not utilize most of them, but that does not mean that his talent and strength assessment skills are useless.

#3. Imran Malik (India)

22-year-old Imran Malik recently made his international debut against Ireland taking two wickets in three matches but looking beyond his numbers the 150kph+ speed at which the balls can be quite killer. On bouncy and ski tracks in Australia.

Malik will definitely be included in the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup T20 international cricket squad with Australian stadiums in mind, so he can prove his huge impact on the India team.

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