Sunday Miami Dolphins mailbag: Tua themes, O-Line plans, early camp appearances, and more

Part 3 of the first SI Fan Nation All Dolphins bootcamp mailing bag:

From Tony Figueroa (@tonyfigcis):

With coach McDaniel talking about bringing in freshmen slowly, would you expect an OL starting a pre-season game together or training together and fit into a game in the first week? Thank you!

Hi Tony, this is a very good question and I would like to tell you that the wild card in that equation is Terron Armstead. I expect the other O-lin guys to start in pre-season and maybe a few more reps, but I’m not sure about Armstead given his circumstances (credentials, age, injury history). I think dolphins would err on the side of caution with him.

From Orlando Aloisi:

If Tua is good but only good, does he get an early extension?

Hey Orlando, this is obviously a question that only Dolphins can answer, but remember that the team can buy themselves annually to make this kind of decision by exercising Tua’s Year 5 option for 2024, which they will have to decide by next May. So, if Tua has a good but only good season in 2022, I would expect the team to exercise the fifth year option. If he’s had a great season, there’s definitely a long-term extension.

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