scam! Sneaky Jake Paul Leaks Video of Hashem Rahman Jr’s Weight – ‘Fake Fighter’

Jake Paul, the undefeated cruiserweight, was scheduled to fight Hashem Rahman, Jr. on Saturday. Night (August 6) at Madison Square Garden in New York City, part of Showtime’s pay-per-view (PPV) boxing ticket that also featured Amanda Serrano vs. Brenda Carabajal at featherweight.

The entire event has since been cancelled.

Paul claims that Rahman Jr. failed to meet the terms of the contract regarding his weight, forcing the Most Valuable Promoter on Promotions (MVP) to modify his existing deal. Then came another round of weekly weight checks and lack of progress toward the end of the fight from “Gold Blooded.”

In subsequent posts on Twitter, Rehman Jr. admits he hasn’t been able to make his mark, but also believes that the unrealistic standards set by Paul & Co. were designed to weaken the heavyweight for a long time and give the “formed kid” a noticeable advantage on the night of the fight.

“I signed a contract to fight 200 pounds in three weeks, I had to do it, but I couldn’t do it, my body simply wouldn’t let me do it, it wouldn’t let me go down to 200 pounds,” Abdul Rahman Jr. said on social media. But where in boxing do you see them cancel fights a whole week before? I didn’t get my last week to go down as low as possible. I told this guy, there are penalties involved? Keep the wallet. I’ll fight you for $5,000 minimum. That’s what it means to me and how much I believe in bringing it down.”

Rahman Jr. believes he could gain as much as 210 or 215 pounds and was willing to give up the majority of his wallet to keep the fight alive, or provide an alternative cruiser weight if the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) shuts him in on the extra weights.

“If you let him say that, he hit my ass in the gym when I was 230 pounds,” Rehman Jr. insisted. “So if you hit me at 230, what’s the problem with my warrior at 215? What’s the problem with fighting me at 210? They obviously don’t want to fight. It’s not that I quit the fight, they don’t want to fight. I didn’t say I don’t want this fight.” The only thing I could conclude was that they were afraid. They tried to drain me, and I told them, “Look, I won’t be able to reach the cruiser weight.” It was an astronomical feat in itself from the start. They knew that if I couldn’t achieve the weight, it was I have a surrogate on the side all the time.He was doing everything I’ve been doing in this entire camp, a Muslim boxer, Mohsen Kason, campaigning in cruiserweight, who wouldn’t have had to drain himself, who could have saved the show. Jake Paul could have. Fighting a real boxer, but he doesn’t want to fight a real boxer, he just wanted to drain me and accidentally fight me. I won’t let him do that.”

28-year-old Casson is 10-0 at cruiserweight by seven knockouts.

UFC President Dana White believes Paul and MVP were out on bail at the event after failing to sell enough tickets to tie. Paul later released a video of Rahman Jr weighing 216.5 pounds on July 7, the same weight recorded during his second weigh-in on July 10.

take a look:

A representative from MVP wrote: “Two weight checks were sent by Hashim Rahman’s management team to MVP.” “July 7 and July 10 were both 216. We requested these videos to ensure that Mr. Abdul Rahman will not lose more than 10% of his body weight over a four-week period.”

Rahman Jr. insists he did everything in his power to make this fight happen.

“You will blame your son Jake Paul because this fight didn’t happen, it has nothing to do with me or my team, Jake Paul was afraid to fight,” said Rahman Jr. “All he’s saying is, ‘Okay, I hit you at 230, I’m going to hit you at 215!'” “I’d still drop in weight. Or, ‘I’m going to beat you at 210.’ He doesn’t want to do that because he doesn’t want a real competitive fight. He just wanted me to be a shell to myself when we got there and got into that ring.”

It remains to be seen where both fighters go from here.

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