Salvador Pérez forces me to rewrite an entire summary; The royal family wins 8-6

Bronx launchers don’t have anything on my selfies. But first, let’s set the stage.

The bowler’s duel was over four rounds before the Royal Rookies took over the game for a half inning. Vinnie Pasquantino went for a walk, something that Yankees player Jordan Montgomery isn’t particularly known for. That door opened wide and Montgomery found himself unable to sign another exit. Michael A. Taylor also walked in and then MJ Melendez hit one song to upload bases to Nick Prato. Prato cut a streak drive in the left field, which diver Andrew Benintende couldn’t get through. You’d think that would be a double with a good chance of being a triple, but Melendez failed to advance past second, so Pratto was limited to two RBI singles. Next, Michael Garcia hit his first major league strike, an RBI double that saw runners finish second and third without a win. Unfortunately, members of the royal family were limited to only one run during gameplay finally It paid off when White Merryfield stopped driving in Prato.

Zack Greinke went out for the fifth inning amid pleas from the Royals broadcasters for a suspension. Greinke did not close the Yankees. He allowed three hits and three runs for the first four hits he encountered in the inning; Double the difference for Matt Carpenter, Kyle Higashioka’s RBI-single, and two-stage grenade in DJ LeMahieu’s right field bench seats. However, the tide stopped there, and the advance continued until the seventh.

In the seventh inning, Jose Coas took first and then walked into the next hitters. Dylan Coleman was asked to escape the crowd. He immediately gave up his home run to Anthony Rizzo, giving the Yankees a two-round lead. This seemed like more than enough to defeat the Royals since the Yankees weren’t yet allowed to run to the Royals this season.

So, of course, Hunter Dozier went eighth with a single shot and Vinnie Pasquantino almost got it off the ground but ended up going out on a field that clearly looked on the outside. From there, it seemed clear that the royals wouldn’t get it done. I began writing my recap bemoaning the fact that the royal family had been swept up in the season series.

They should know better.

At the top of the ninth, the Yankees asked their closest recent promotion, Clay Holmes, for the last three. He got Nikki Lopez (laughter) on a milling machine to second. Then he seemed to have completely lost control. Whit Merrifield walked over and almost hit him. he is she did Hit Bobby Wait Jr. Witt was subsequently replaced by sprinter Kyle Isbel, likely due to a hamstring injury rather than HBP. Then Salvador Perez did the things of Salvador Perez. He almost hit a pitch, then waved weakly on the pitch outside, and then…

It doesn’t hit any cheap, does it?

Tyler Clark, who gave the win 1-2-3, was asked to secure his victory in the ninth round. He allowed one trip and walk but escaped without giving up the lead again.


  • Holmes entered the game with a 1.20 ERA per season. In only one other appearance in July, runs were allowed; He gave up four against the Reds again on 12 July. When it rains, it rains down on Holmes.
  • Upon exiting the list of the wounded, Salvi chose the right to return from the list of the wounded; Coming into today’s game, he’s been chopping .244/.294/.564 since the beginning of June for 134 wRC+.
  • The royals finished July with a record 13-15 year old; If they keep doing that, they won’t lose 100 matches, but they will lose a lot more than they win.

The August Royals kick off tomorrow night with a three-game series against the White Sox in Chicago. Royals will send Brad Keeler up the hill and White Sox will face Michael Kubisch. By ERA, the Kopech will be the toughest pitcher the royals will ever encounter. Lucas Giolito and Lance Lane have had disappointing seasons with the White Sox.

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