Phillies sweep the pirates as the team blazes in the wild card race

Small sweeping movement in western Pennsylvania! The Phillies won every match in their group of four matches with the Pirates over the extended weekend series. At 55-47, Phils is an eight-game season high over 0.500. Here’s how it went:

• Thursday: 8-7 The Phils barely win after allowing five games at the bottom of the ninth.

• Friday: 4-2 win in the 10th game thanks to a Race Hoskins race at home.

• Saturday: a difficult 2-1 victory. Props for Ranger Suarez to throw six turns of a ball without running with eight strokes.

• Sunday: A fantastic 8-2 win to cap the weekend in style.

Some notes on the Fightins as they sit third and final Wild Card in the National League:

lightning boss ⚡

Talk about the clutch! Rhys Hoskins has always had power in painting, but was distinguished by frustrating inconsistency during his career at Phillies. When it’s hot, it’s hot “Philly in late July.” Hoskins has had at least one hit in every game of the series. Obviously most important of all, was his two-time home win in the game in the top ten on Friday night:

I’ve said it a million times this summer, but, at the very least, Phillies’ bat one must be in a super hot streak for the team to get through the water with Bryce Harper staying on the sidelines. Hoskins did his part this weekend (as did the next guy I’m going to discuss).

Bohm to run 🏃

Alec Boom Ho Back Complete throttle. Boom had four hits in Sunday’s win alone, including this single shot:

Bohm hit .434 (76 at-bats) over the course of 20 games in July. I have a feeling he doesn’t “hate this place” anymore. His .299 year-over-year average (.746 OPS) is a massive jump from his campaign in the second year of the slump in 2021, coming in at 0.247 (.647 OPS).

Is this guy on the verge of winning the National League Player of the Month title?

What is this nonsense? 😒

For a completely unknown reason, Odubel Herrera simply stopped running on the base tracks after Kyle Schwarber smashed an extra base kick into the right field Friday night with the team trailing 2-0:

He was supposed to be handed a 2-2 lead, but Phils was still down 2-1 due to a complete mental lapse of Herrera. This guy sure knows how to love himself for his fan base!Good at interim manager Rob Thompson to chew on afterwards. It’s something Joe Girardi wouldn’t peep about.

Web Jewel 💎

Bryson Stott hits a rotten turn of 0.98 per season as the Phillies struggle to get any semblance of efficiency from their mediocre players, however, and this one he made on the field was pretty pretty:

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