MLB Trade Deadline: Phillies Facing Hefty Prices When Promo Market Begins

The Velez heads toward the wire in their attempt to get a starting pitch for the expansion engine.

Phillies officials keep in touch with several teams that have starting pitchers available but the prices are said to be exorbitant.

Prices may drop before the 6pm trading deadline on Tuesday.

The Velez weren’t looking for the two best starters on the market, Luis Castillo and Frankie Montas. The Cincinnati Reds sent Castillo to Seattle over the weekend for a rich selection of prospects, and the Oakland A-team moved Montas to the New York Yankees on Monday.

With Zach Evelyn down with a knee injury, Phillies targeted shooters who could fill in a turnover spot at the back end, such as Noah Syndergaard of the Los Angeles Angels, Jose Quintana of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Jordan Lyles of the Baltimore Orioles and Brad Keeler. Of the Kansas City Royals and Tyler Mahle of the Reds, although there is some industry that believes Mahle may now be out of the market.

The prices for these starters are said to be very high and the Phillies are intent on holding on to the hottest promotion prospects in the minor league, a group that includes Mick Abel and Andrew Painter. Phils also protects bowler Griff McGarry, a right-hand man many teams covet. There have been indications all summer that the Phils will at least listen to bowler Ben Brown and shooter Logan O’Hoppe, but perhaps not to a hired bowler that is just a modest upgrade on what they already have. Phils would surely be interested in a shooter like Miami’s Pablo Lopez, who is under contractual control until 2024, but it would cost multiples of big leads.

One of the interesting names to watch might be Boston’s Nathan Evaldi, who was due to play in Houston on Monday night. Surely, the Velez will be watching that start closely. Eovaldi shined for the Red Sox when they won the World Championship under Dave Dombrowski in 2018. Dombrowski now manages the Phillies. Eovaldi on an expired contract. However, the 32-year-old right-hander is tagged for 23 hits and 16 hits over 13 runs in his last three starts.

While starting is the focus, Velez would also like to upgrade their defense in the center of the field. They had an interest in Houston’s Jose Seri, but he was traded to Tampa Bay in a three-team deal.

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