Mitch Trubesky disemboweled coach Matt Nagy again in a new interview

Mitch Trubisky tries to remain humble and elegant whenever he talks about his experience with the Chicago Bears. There were good times. Do it without errors. He still remembers 2018 with great reverence and has great admiration for many of his former teammates. However, he tried as best he could, it’s clearer than ever that he’s still bitter about how things turned out last year. Obviously, he feels that it wasn’t a problem with the bears attack.

Trubisky spent last season with the Buffalo Bills as Josh Allen’s backup. He used this experience for a chance with the Pittsburgh Steelers to start their business. All signs point to him being the current favorite over first-round pick Kenny Beckett. MMQB insider Albert Breer spoke to the 27-year-old about his experiences. He was asked about the differences between training in Chicago and Buffalo.

“I felt like in Buffalo, the quarterback had more freedom to go where he wanted with the readings and go where he wanted with the ball, unlike Chicago.

Even if I get finished [in Chicago]And the Sometimes I felt like this wasn’t necessarily what the coach wanted. They put you in a box a little more than you’d like, and I think that limits you as a player. They are just different experiences. In the end, we still won matches. It’s just a different team. “

There is no getting around it.

This is a direct sniper on former Bears coach Matt Nagy. People accused the man of being too strict in his offensive style, and of lacking any sense of flexibility to overcome his player’s strengths. Trubisky is not finished. He plays the topic again.

“The difference between my experience in Chicago and what I saw in Buffalo is that they let Josh out there and play his game,” he continued. “In Chicago, they wanted me to play the coaches game. You name it, that’s how it felt. That was my experience, from what I saw in Chicago to what I saw in Buffalo.”

Mitch Trubesky will probably sense his opinion.

Everyone was quick to blame him for the offensive problems in 2019 and 2020. He has consistently hinted that the problems are going deeper. There was a fatal flaw in the entire system. Neji had a certain way he wanted the crime to be run. It was evident from the way he made game plans and called plays. He wanted the quarterback to stand tall in the jeep, check the field, and assemble the defenses.

The problem was that he didn’t have the offensive line to stop him. The defenses were quickly adjusted to his preferences, and Naji made no concerted effort to adjust himself. That was why he had to give up the connection to play not once but twice. Mitch Trubesky should regret how different his career would have been if the Beers family had hired someone different in 2018 like Frank Reich or Mike Frabel. He might still be the initiator in Chicago if that happens.

Clearly he still harbors some animosity against his former coach.

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