Mike Trout’s latest back injury

Mike Trout He was out of work for about three weeks due to a problem that was eventually diagnosed as “spinal dysfunction” in his back. A few days ago, Angels chief coach Mike Frostad spoke to reporters and said Trout may have to manage the case “not only for the rest of this season, but probably for the rest of his career.”

Despite this seemingly ominous quote, Trout himself seemed less concerned, even though he was willing to see a back specialist. With that meeting now taking place, it appears that initial concerns may have been exaggerated, with MLB.com’s Rhett Bollinger reporting that Trout has received encouraging news from the specialist. After speaking with Dr. Robert Watkins, trout will begin rotational exercises this week and hopefully you’ll start swinging bats after not long.

“I’ve transitioned from my career to hoping to play soon,” Trott said, adding that he’s already started a core exercise regimen and isn’t feeling injured anymore. “It’s pretty much gone now. It’s very promising.”

With the club still at 43-59, it looks like it will be another losing season for the Hallos. This means that there is no need to Trout again and that he can ramp up the activities at whatever pace is best for his long-term health. While he won’t be able to make much of an impact in terms of rankings, returning before the end of this season will certainly be an encouraging sign for the Angels and their fans.

The numbers for 2023 will be another significant season for the franchise, as it will likely be the last team with a two-way star Shuhei Ohtani, which is due to arrive at a free agency after that campaign. (The Angels are said to have been considering commercial offers on Ohtani but it still seems unlikely that an agreement will be reached.) Although there have been a star tandem of Trout and Ohtani in recent years, the Angels have not had a winning record since 2015 and neither has. They have provided postseason since 2014. They are unlikely to break any of those droughts here in 2022, which means next year could be their last chance to do so with both Trout and Otani on the same team, save for Ohtani’s extension.

Trout still manages to produce elite numbers, but it has been severely hampered by injuries for the second consecutive season. Last year, he competed in 36 competitions and hit .333/.466/.624 for a WRC+ of 190 before a calf injury ended his season. This year, he has already more than doubled the number of matches he played last year, reaching 79 matches so far. His .270/.368/.599 batting streak is a little lower than last year’s pace, but the 167 wRC+ is still among the best in the majors.

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