Los Angeles Angels writer Red Detimers scores clean break against Texas Rangers

Anaheim, California — Los Angeles Angels’ Red Dettmers became the first pitcher in seven years with a no-hit and clean role in the same season, netting the latter against the Texas Rangers on Sunday.

The Rangers matched the San Francisco Giants in 1979 as the only squad to have had three pure rounds against them in a season. Houston scored two clean runs in the same game on June 15 versus Texas.

Dettmers, who provided a hitter against Tampa Bay on May 10, hit three Texans on nine fields in the second inning in the 109th clean in baseball history.

“That’s really cool, I don’t really know what to say,” Detimers said. “My things were running and I had a lot of ups and downs.”

However, the angels couldn’t build on his momentum. Ezequiel scored a hat-trick in the ninth game as Rangers won 5-2. The Texans captured three of the four Angels and went 5-6 on their road trip that peaked in season 11 games.

Dettmers finished his day after seven innings, hitting a career high of 12 while allowing two runs, one of which earned him three hits. In the fourth, left-handed Doran, Cole Calhoun and Charlie Colperson, hit the fourth clean in the Grand Prix of the year.

“I was focused on hitting more,” Detimers said. “I was a bit wild at first. I wanted to throw punches and hit the zone. I got some flips and notifications.”

Rangers became the first team to happen twice in the same match when Astros player Luis Garcia retired in the second half and loyalist Phil Mattoon did so on June 7. Rangers, first according to MLB.com.

“It’s something you think about a little bit,” Rangers manager Chris Woodward said. After the first guy, the second guy, she says, ‘Oh, can we take one here? “It’s something that doesn’t happen often. It’s happened to us many times, but it’s more luck than anything I think.”

Detmers has been struggling since he wasn’t a hitter. He was sent to Triple-A Salt Lake for two weeks before being called up, and he’s impressed the club ever since.

“His presence and everything about him was very good,” said Phil Nevin, interim director of Engels. “Honestly, he shouldn’t have given up any competitions today.”

Prior to Dettmers, Mike Ferris of Houston in 2015 was the last to do the purity/non-hit double that same year.

It’s only the third immaculate round in Angels history, with all three taking place in the second half. Nolan Ryan was first on July 9, 1972, against Boston, and was completed by Garrett Richards on June 4, 2014, in Houston.

The pure roles remain distinct but not as rare as before. This is the 10th since 2020 and the 61st since 2000. Nothing has been recorded from 1929 to 1952.

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