Juan Soto’s potential packages on trade deadline

Recent reports suggest there are three clear riders — Padres, Dodgers and Cardinals — to land Juan Soto in a deal before the 6 p.m. ET deadline expires on Tuesday. With that in mind, we asked our reporters covering those clubs to guess what a star Citizens trade package might look like.
For most GMs, trading for someone like Josh Hader will suffice for one trading deadline, but AJ Preller isn’t most GMs when it comes to making trades, which means San Diego in Soto can’t be ruled out.
And if the natives are looking for a mix of young league players and high prospects, Padres are in abundance. The 21-year-old has been in the top 10 potential players overall and was forced to get involved early in the major leagues this season when Fernando Tates Jr. went down. Lately, he’s been starting to hold out on his own against the league’s big playoffs, and he boasts some truly elite gear – notably his fast hands, pace, and steady gauntlet. Although Padres says Mackenzie Gore’s elbow strain is not dangerous, it is likely that citizens will direct their application to another 23-year-old left-handed man in Moregon.
As for the rest of the package, Hassell’s ceiling is pretty high, but the centerpiece of this deal may actually be Wood – a 19-year-old left-handed batsman who boasts a rare combination of size and athletic performance. Standing 6-foot-7, Wood hit .321 in his first season of professional football with a 1,004 OPS. And he did this while passing 16 bags and playing in the middle of the field (although he is a long-term corner player). The Padres have been reluctant to include Wood in any deal – but that’s Juan Soto we’re talking about here. – A.J. Cassavell
To trade off a young player like Lux, who is having an outstanding season playing, would be a tough decision for the Dodgers. Dustin May is also a possibility, but the Dodgers will likely rely heavily on him. One of these two players will be the most likely candidate for the “Young Big League” item on Washington’s wish list.
Outside of Lox or May, Dodgers have a deep ranch system, which citizens know well after the massive trade last July of Max Scherzer and Tria Turner. In order to have a star like Soto, the Dodgers had to break up with Cartaya and Miller. Cartaya is considered a future star and his trading will be a loss. But that’s the price you have to pay for a guy like Soto. Outman is ranked 17th in the organization by MLB Pipeline, but he came on in his first big league game on Sunday, putting together one of the best debuts in Dodgers history. Did that raise his stock? It sure didn’t hurt. – Juan Toribio
To get a player of a generation like Soto with two seasons of control, the Cardinals will likely give up a mix of young MLS talent and some of their best prospects — something the franchise has shown a reluctance to do in years. past. The Cardinals don’t want to part with the 20-year-old Walker, and that reluctance is probably why a deal hasn’t been struck yet.
In order to keep Walker out of the deal, the Cardinal will likely include key midfielder Dylan Carlson (in control of the club until 2026) and potential No. 4 Maasin Wayne (seeded No. 87 overall by MLB Pipeline), a short squad with a fast volley 100 mph from the middle of the diamond.
In either scenario, the Cardinals would also likely give up the promising strength of second baseman Nolan Gorman, who hit 15 times at Triple-A Memphis before being called up to the parent club and hitting 11 again in the first 58 MLB games. The cost will be steep, but it will probably be worth it given that St. Louis will have three shots in the world championship with Soto in the middle of a lineup that also includes Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado. The left-wing player will undoubtedly see more strikes than he has this season and is likely to be the franchise’s next star for a decade. There is also a push in St. Louis for the organization to have a piece that makes a difference to help retired superstars Albert Pujols and Yadir Molina make another playoff in the fall. Don’t underestimate the value that Pujols’ presence on the list – Soto’s mentor for years – can play in this potential trade. – John Denton

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