Jordan Alvarez, Astros out vs Mariners

HOUSTON – Given that it was the last time they would face the Mariners in the regular season and the Astros had suffered a stinging late-game defeat the night before, Houston knew finding a way to win the series finale on Sunday afternoon at Minute Maid Park was a matter. very important.
This was evident in the first half, when the Astros were aggressive on the rules, with Jose Altuve stealing home at the back end for a double steal. It was clear on the hill, where Jake O’Dorrese might have given Houston his best start to the season.
However, it wasn’t until Yordan Alvarez rebounded one in left field to score auto runner Mauricio Dupont from third base of the 10th inning winning career, sending the Astros to a 3-2 win over the Mariners, that Houston were able to appreciate their dominance over Seattle.
“It was a tough game,” said Dusty Becker, Astros director. “They’re a high-quality team. They’re a little sore today, but every time you beat someone in your league it’s a two-game win. That was big today and a big difference between 10 and 12 [games up]. We are happy to win that match today, and we got some good play from some of the players.”
The Astros went 12-7 against the Mariners in 2022, winning six of seven meetings between the two teams over a 10-day period. In fact, Seattle has gone 18-6 since July 2, taking all six losses against Houston. This enabled the Astros (67-36) to maintain a 12-game lead at the top of the West over the Mariners (55-48) heading into the final two months of the regular season.
The Astros blew up Saturday’s game in the ninth game by allowing the Mariners to score twice, only for Houston to lose its second loss this season in 59 games in which it advanced after eight rounds. So when Jesse Winker hit a pair of penalty kicks in the eighth inning on Sunday off Ryne Stanek to tie the match, the Astros had to press the ground.
“It was important, especially after last night’s game, because we all thought we won that game,” said Odorizzi, who allowed two strikes in seven rounds without goals. “It’s good that everyone recovers on short notice, a daily game. We did what we had to do to win today. That really showed the resilience of his team. We had to question. Sometimes it’s good for us to win games like this. … from It’s good to win these close matches, especially against the team that brought us back to the back doors yesterday.”
After Hector Neres gave the 10th inning 1-2-3, and took a pair of hits to tie the Mariners automatic runner at second base, the Astros went to work at the bottom of the inning. With the runners in first and second and not out, Yuli Gurriel’s two-stroke ball moved to right field Dupont to third.
Instead of walking with Alvarez to load the rules, Mariners left Brennan Bernardino, who was making his major league debut, a target for the champ. It didn’t end well. Alvarez, unharmed in his previous four hits, flew a chopper to the left to capture Houston’s sixth win of the season.
Alvarez was asked if he thought sailors might deliberately walk him to load the bases.
“On the contrary, I thought they were going to go around Yuli, and I said to myself that the situation was going to hit me,” Alvarez said. “I just focused and said, ‘I would have been the one.'”
Perhaps the biggest development on Sunday was Odorizzi, whose name appeared in the trade rumours. The Astros want to add some insult — perhaps a defensive player or first baseman — and a backup hunter, along with a relief pitch before the 5 p.m. CT trade deadline on Tuesday. To achieve this, they may have to move one of the starting shooters, which is a position of strength.
Odorizzi, who left his previous start with a blister on his finger on his hand, is 4-1 with a 2.82 ERA and 0.90 WHIP in his past nine starts and numbers to play a key role in Houston’s rotation going forward, if he’s not trading.
“I thought Odorese threw the ball really well,” said Mariners coach Scott Servis. “It’s as good as we’ve ever seen with driving up the top of the strike zone and riding the fastball really well. We didn’t do that much against him all day.”

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