Jeff Ogilvy talks about a variety of topics in this exclusive Q&A

Golfers Geoff Ogilvy and Karrie Webb of Australia pose in front of the ISPS Handa Vic Open at the 13th Beach Golf Club on February 6, 2019 in Geelong, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

he goes: A little disappointed, in fact. I guess it’s not every week, but the weeks that happen in Australia, they play in the Vic Open, they play two different tournaments – the men’s open, the women’s open on two tournaments at the same time, men’s group, women’s group, men’s group, women’s group, It’s a great. Guys like to play in it, and girls like to play in it. Fans have two different matches to watch for a live comparison. I think that makes people respect the ladies’ game a bit more. It makes us respect the women’s match more. We get something out of how to do it. They get something about watching how we do it. The simultaneous tournament is great. I think anything together would be great. I think it will be well received, and it will be great.

GWK: Do you think women should be included in the Presidents Cup to make it more competitive and a better event?

he goes: I don’t know. I think you’d probably have an event that was PGA-LPGA versus the rest of the men and women in the world or something, you know, international versus America. I think the Presidents Cup stands up well. It is a very powerful event. I don’t think the Presidents Cup needs to be enhanced. But that doesn’t mean more team events won’t be good.

GWK: How much time do you invest in thinking about the Presidents Cup?

he goes: little fair. I mean, Trevor (Emelman), we’ve had a WhatsApp thing, it’s almost a continuation of the one from last time. The banter never stopped. He’s slowed there for about a year, but the past 12 months have been winding down. He is really careful. So a little. I mean, we get the list he sends us every Monday and we kind of discuss what’s going on. There was some pressure from us and possibly the American side about losing players along the way, not knowing what’s really going to happen. So yeah, we think about it a lot. Talk about Charlotte, talk about the course, who we think should be on the team, the people who aren’t on the team and talking about the shots and stuff already.

GWK: How much do you think Adam Scott, Cam Smith, Mark Leishman, and Hideki Matsuyama care about the Presidents Cup?

he goes: Lots. Scotty, Lech, Cam, Hickey loves it. I can’t have deep conversations with Hideki, obviously. But Scotty is really excited about it. Cam was jumping out of his skin the last time around Melbourne. Leash loves her, like loves her. they are great. If you have 12 of them, you’ll be great. I mean, most players who play it love it. It’s hard not to love those tournaments. But Adam has been doing that for a really long time. He didn’t win one. Yes, they loved it. They are really interested in it.

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