James Ottman homers in 1st MLB AB, 3 strokes in the Dodgers beat the Rockies

James Ottman had his first major league debut to remember, losing only three times of the course as the Dodgers ended their winning streak over the Rockies with a 7-3 victory at Corse Field on Sunday.

Outman has been quite the grin since he first got the call to the majors on Saturday, and on Sunday he made his major league debut. With a large group of family and friends watching in the stands, Outman came out swinging, making passes in nine of the 15 pitches he had seen.

The first time he climbed, with Cody Bellinger on first base in the third inning, Ottmann slammed a 1-1 diver from Germán Márquez 405 feet into the seats in the right center field, joining select company along the way.

Outman is Homer’s eighth Dodger in Homer’s first major league, and fourth since the franchise moved to Los Angeles – joining Jose Offerman (1990), Gary Ingram (1994), and Kibert Ruiz (2020).

In the seventh game, Ottmann singled out and later scored a double by Freddy Freeman. That made Outman the first Dodger with his multi-hit league debut since Gavin Lux in 2019, but it didn’t finish.

Outman doubled the Lox at home for eighth, making the 2018 seventh-round draft of the Sacramento State the 14th Dodger by three strokes in his first major league appearance, and the first since Mike Piazza in 1992. Outman is one of only three of that first squad of Three hits to Homer is also in the game, joined by Offerman and Ernie Coe (1938).

Outman is one of only two L.A. Dodgers to lead at least three runs in a debut. The other is Rob Segeden, who hit four runs on August 7, 2016.

Outman played his first of his six major league runs on the right field, then finished the game on the left. He finished ninth, and helped stabilize the bottom third of the lineup. Bellinger, who edged Outman at home in the third inning, doubled in the fourth, a play that also included a foul that gave the Dodgers the lead.

This season’s Rookie Dodgers have averaged 0.750/.750/1.750. Every one of those paintings was by Outman, on Sunday.

Max Muncie, hitting seventh, walked and scored in fourth, and threw the sacrifice fly in sixth.

Tony Gonsulin had trouble in the third inning, starting at a home run by Brian Servin, a former Palm Desert High School guard. Gonsolin hit one with Jose Iglesias with a pitch and then Chris Bryant walked over.

The Dodger to No Man’s Land at the third base line by Brendan Rodgers loaded the bases, and Randall Grechuk went on to the weekend to remember on his own. Rocky was a 7-for-16 (.438) three-and-eight RBI over the four-game series.

Gonsolin escaped further damage in the frame thanks to double play, starting a streak of seven consecutive players retired. But at 92 stadiums, Gonsulin’s day ended after five innings, allowing for those three innings in the third but nothing else, while he had six.

Sunday details

run the house: James Ottman (1); Brian Servin (4)

WP – Tony Ginsulin (12-1): 5 IP, 5 strokes, 3 runs, 1 walk, 6 strokes

LP – German Marquis (6-9): 6 IP, 6 strokes, 5 runs (4 earned), 2 walks, 4 strokes

next one

The Dodgers’ road trip travels west to San Francisco in the third of a four-game series out of four since the All-Star break. Andrew Heaney kicks off the Dodgers Series Opening Monday (6:45 p.m., SportsNet LA), with Logan Webb showing the Giants.

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