Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon Scalable launch window is said to move to February 6 – March 3, 2023

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Intel Sapphire Rapids will soon have 12 steps

IgorLAB reports on new launch windows for Sapphire Rapids.

Intel Sapphire Rapids, Source: CNET

The website had access to internal NDA-Sights documents that list silicon issues. These documents have already collected 500 entries. This list of bugs is one of the biggest list of bugs Intel has ever had for a CPU, which is why silicon has been delayed for about a year and a half. According to Yegor, the next generation data center already had as many as 12 different steps:

Issues and bugs are collected under non-disclosure agreement in internal documents (“called NDA scenes”) and currently reach nearly 500 (!) entries, with the trend continuing to rise. […] This started with A0 and A1, then continued through B0, C0, C1, C2, D0, E0, E2, E3, E4 until now moving on to E5! The market launch was planned about 1.5 years ago and the plan was recently updated again.

– Igor Walusek, Igor’s Laboratory

The Sapphire Rapids launch windows are reported to have moved into week 6-9 of 2023, i.e. between February 6 and March 3 (2023). Some 2S SKUs (2 expandable sockets) will ship in week 42 of this year, while 4/8S (4-8 expandable sockets) models may become available in the 45th week. However, according to the report, the availability of these samples is limited to select partners only.

[…] The inside information is now more real. Intel has now announced a “launch window” for Sapphire Rapids (SPR) for the 6-9th calendar week (February 6, 2023 to March 3, 2023).

– Igor Walusek, Igor’s Laboratory

This large number of Steppings indicates that Intel encountered several bugs that required silicon changes and responsiveness, which delayed the fourth generation of the Xeon Scalable Series. However, at this point, it’s not entirely certain whether E5 will be the last step.

During a recent second-quarter earnings call, Intel clarified that a bug was found preventing the use of certain features that are not essential to all Sapphire Rapids customers, yet are the cause of the silicon delay. The company is now planning to ship some SKUs in the last quarter of this year, but the main launch is expected in 2023. So this official information seems to match what Igor is saying.

What is important to note is that Igor only mentions the fourth generation Xeon Scalable series here. There is no information on the availability of CPUs for the Sapphire Rapids-X / HEDT Workstation. It is possible that these are already among those available this year already.

Source: Igor’sLAB

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