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IGN First for August is WB Montreal’s much awaited Gotham Knights – an open world action RPG set in a brand new Batman video game world… in which Batman is dead. To kick off a month of new picks, interviews and news, we start, fittingly, with the first 16 minutes of gameplay.

The screenshots (above) show the first time you’ll control a knight, and guide you through the basic controls and capabilities of both combat and traversal. The game’s opening is set amid the outback of Gotham University, where the Knights follow Batman’s latest advance, searching for Dr. Kirk Langstrom (known to comic book fans as Man-Bat). After discovering that he has apparently been murdered before you arrive, you’ll need to investigate the crime scene and battle former members of the Freaks gang, who are crashing the campus, encouraged by Batman’s death.

In the last game, you’ll be able to choose the superhero you’d like to play this section with, but we’re reviewing the Batgirl version of the introduction today. While the events of this section are the same for each knight, all four characters will have different dialogues and animations during this section.

Gotham Knights – Tutorial section screenshots

The interesting thing here is that while this is an RPG opening, none of the Knights are meant to be weak – instead, all four are really adept at Batman’s crime-fighting style, and your evolution through the game helps each of them rather From that one finds their own strength behind it (more on that progress later this month).

“They’re really great early in the game,” explains Creative Director Patrick Redding. “It’s not a job of them being ineffective as crime fighters, quite the opposite. They are all graduates of the Batman crime-fighting school. So when they start out, they’re at their most extreme, meaning they have a lot of these basic tools to fight and infiltrate, navigate around the world and use them for their struggle.” And then, over the course of the game really, they diverged completely in their own taste of what the Dark Knight of Gotham City should have been.”

what comes Before This first playable section is more than just a puzzle. WB Montreal being until far away Shy about the Gotham Knights prequel, refusing to say how and where Batman dies (and who’s responsible). All we know is that his four companions – Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood – gather near his grave and decide to work together to solve the mystery that appears to have led to Batman’s demise.

We’ll find out more when the game is released for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 on October 25. Before that, we’ll have the whole month of August to show you new gameplay, in-depth information, and more.

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